Welcome to my new education and informational based subscription website.

While I am known for my natural health products, I am returning to my much anticipated and long awaited aspect of teaching and sharing information that I know and apply daily that allows me to experience personal success within the Matrix.

My desire is to assist all people desiring to take their own lives and health into their own hands and improve their lives by improving their health and well-being on all levels: physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional.

Here you will find a broad array of topics including: herbalism, aromatherapy, diet and nutrition, alternative health; business, entrepreneurship, law, finances, mental science, astrology, numerology, trans-crystallology, chromatherapy; divination, spirituality, sacred sex/sexuality; conscious parenting, social etiquette, life purpose attainment, wealth and prosperity consciousness, self-development, Universal law and more!

You will also find that you have free access to all health articles but you will need to subscribe to our $9.99/monthly subscription here to gain access to my database of over 400+ articles. All powerful and invaluable life changing information to help you get healthy and free from the Matrix!

We are all here to assist the entire global human family on this great planet that we (humans) have been destroying for centuries now due to embracement of grand illusions such as gold and silver-less backed money (dollar bills), power, control, and dominion.

Please know that you support my efforts to assist you and others through your membership. In return for your support and patronage, I promise to serve you faithfully. I simply ask for your patience and understanding, as I am but one man.

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