Now please brace yourself as I bring it to you raw and real, Black women. I am doing so and do so because honesty is the best policy and hard truth is the best truth in certain circumstances and with certain people.

But also, don’t forget that I do what I do and say what I say out of love and care for you. You are a part of humanity at large and I love humanity. Many times men say things to flatter women and get attention but not me. I sincerely want to help you all so as for you all to improve your lives and live better, healthier, and more qualitative lives. This is my genuine desire for you.

I don’t like to see and hear about all the hell Black women, generally speaking, catch or receive (which is actually ‘attract’ for the law of attraction is always at work throughout the Universe and especially here on Earth).

Despite all the negativity, Universal law is present, including the Law of Cause and Effect, Karma, and Attraction. So while I see and hear all the negativity surrounding Black women (especially here in the United States), I totally understand the dynamics behind it. There are no victims as we all play a role in every life drama we co-create, whether the drama is negative or positive.

Okay, now to the subject matter of this article.

Black women’s hair fallout due to the fact that they have willfully tortured and abused their hair for decades under the banner of beauty. Look at all that chemical abuse over the years. You can’t abuse something for decades and think that the abused thing will not eventually perish from the abuse. Abuse drives out the spirit or life of a thing. Well, the hair is no exception to the rule here. Sorry ladies!

Your hair has and is falling out, and damn near in patches for many of you, simply because of or due to all the perms, relaxers, curls, hot combing, cellophane dye, blow-drying, tight braids, and extensions (weaves) you’ve applied to your hair.

Black women have spent billions of dollars torturing, abusing, and asphyxiating their hair and then many of them wonder why their hair is falling out. The frivolous pursuit of beauty pursuant to a Western, Eurocentric standard is not immunity against the laws of Nature or the Laws of Human Biology.

Hair fallout is the working of the Law of Cause and Effect. The Cause was or is abuse and torturing of the hair for various reasons (i.e. beauty, grooming) and the Effect is the hair falling out and/or balding. Period!

There are women who ask, “Djehuty, is there something I can take to make my hair grow back or to stop falling out?” It wasn’t taking something that made your hair fallout in the first place. It was what you did (an activity) that has caused your hair to fallout – and stress too in many cases, as stress will make your hair fallout, or prematurely turn gray.

You see, ladies, it was your desire to look fly by any means necessary that caused your hair to fallout. I understand you wanted to look good, but there was a hidden price to pay: the very same hair you were getting hooked up at the beauty shop, would eventually begin to shed, thin, and ultimately fall out. This was the hidden price for all that you did to your hair. I know these words don’t sound nice, but it’s the truth, as ugly and hurtful as it may be.

Is Reversing Hair Fallout Possible?

As the Scriptures teach us, “With God all things are possible!” So yes, reversing hair fallout is possible.

First, begin focusing on the right thing, the desired thing: having a head full of healthy, radiant, and lustrous hair. Work your mental science! All healing and repair begins in the mind. You can learn more about the positive effects of mental dynamics in our “Mental Science Manual.”

Stop torturing and abusing your hair! Consider letting the hair grow naturally. Sport locks, twists, a mini Afro, braids or any other natural hairstyle commonly sported my many sistahs (slang for Black women).

Stop hot-combing (hair branding) your hair. You are killing your hair by hot combining it. The stinking smell of hot combing should let you know this practice is unnatural and deleterious.

Refrain from using harsh chemicals on your hair – products such as commercial brand shampoos and conditions, relaxers, perms, texturizers, or curls (i.e. Jheri curls). Your hair is very sensitive. It is alive! It feels (because it has emotions). Look for healthy and safe alternatives for hair care products in our “Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual“.

Detoxify your body because all those harsh chemicals from the commercial hair care products enter into your body via the scalp of your head and enter into your bloodstream and thus toxify and pollute your body. See the “Full Body Detox” or use any other good detox cleanse on the market.

Rebuild, strengthen, and nourish the endocrine system (a/k/a hormonal system) because this system plays a role in regulation of the hair. Oftentimes, hair problems denote reproductive organ problems, especially with the ovaries. Atrophying ovaries are implicated in split ends. “Total Woman Cleanse” is ideal in addressing the endocrine system in general and the female reproductive system (and organs) in particular and should be performed after the “Full Body Detox” for maximum efficacy.

After cleansing the body, your daily hair repair regimen should include the following formulas: “Hair Skin Nails Formula, MSM Sulfur, Electric Greens Cell Food and Hair-Skin-Nails Tea.

Shampoo and condition your hair at least twice a week.

Start feeling good about your hair (even when it’s not done/groomed) because your hair responds to your feelings about it. Hair is very sensitive, in more ways than one.

Lastly, please remember that with Nature time is required for purposes of healing. You may have scorched and torched your hair for 15, 20, or 30 years, or even longer depending on your age, so please be with patient with Nature as she undergoes her healing process to correct the damage that you’ve done. That’s right! The damage that YOU did! But no need to feel bad! Nature is ever merciful and forgiving when you stop doing a harmful thing (or things) and take steps to correct the harmful thing(s).

Thank you for reading!