By Dorothy S. Bogdanovich, N.D.

Many people interested in  monoatomic products often inquire about the differences between White Powder Gold (also known as Monoatomic Gold) and Liquid Ormus (also known as “Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements”).

The difference in White Powder Gold and Liquid Ormus are their states. White POWDER gold is a powder (powdered substance) and Ormus is a liquid substance.

Ormus is liquid White Powdered Gold! So, you have to ask yourself: do you want Monoatomic Gold in a powder form or a liquid form? Both forms are effective with the Ormus entering the body faster due to its liquid and sublingual nature.

And because the word “gold” is in the name (i.e. White Powder GOLD), yes, we use real gold (24k). The products are 100% alchemical and digestible, absorbable, and assimalable in the body.

Our Monoatomic Gold is assayed at 850 ppm, M-State, Ormus, and made with the wet precip method. It contains important trace minerals elements necessary for building brain and nerve functions and rebuilding DNA/RNA including m-state iridium and m-state rhodium.

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