When it comes to natural forms of birth control with use of herbs, two herbs always come up: Mexican Wild Yam Root and Pennyroyal.

Both herbs only serve as contraception in very large doses, i.e. 6-7 capsules daily which may be a bit too much or extreme for most women to take.

However, which of the two would I recommend for natural birth control purposes? Hands down my choice is Mexican Wild Yam root. It’s the most effective herb available today for natural birth control.

Pennyroyal, while hormonal regulating and balancing in nature, is more so a strong emmenagogue which means it is very effective for menstrual problems. It’s also a good herb to take to prepare the birth canal during the last month of pregnancy (3 capsules daily).

Wild Yam is more hormonal regulating and balancing than pennyroyal but pennyroyal is a better herb to take for female menstrual complaints than is Wild Yam root.

In small doses, Wild Yam will aid in miscarriage prevention and in large does it will serve as an abortifacient.

Overall, Wild Yam has more uses than Pennyroyal but when you combine both these powerful herbs you get a dynamic duo that will greatly help in all female complaints from PMS, menstrual irregularities, breast problems (including tenderness), hormonal imbalance, abdominal spasms, morning sickness, and uterine atrophy to name a few.

However, when it comes to natural forms of birth control, Mexican Wild Yam Root is more effective and reliable than Pennyroyal (or even Neem) and so my vote, again, goes to Mexican Wild Yam Root. She can hold her own against any other female organ specific plant or botanical.

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