Yes! herbal formulas can be taken together! If you prefer to take all of your formula capsules together, or choose to do so because of a busy work or travel schedule, you may take all of your formula capsules together (if in fact you can handle taking many capsules at one time). It is your choice to do so and you have free will in the matter. The answer is: YES!

However, it is best that formulas be spread out and taken separately, like every 2-3 hours apart.

Another thing you could do is take our formulas based upon their activity. You could take all organ-cleansing herbs together at the same time, sexual stimulant and hormonal balancing herbs together at the same time, etc.

Below is a chart that gives you an example:

Sexual-Enhancing and Stimulant Formulas: Jackrabbit Formula, Male Hormonal Formula, Circul-aid Formula, Prostate Formula, and Cardio-vascular Formula.

Female Specific Formulas: Moon Cycle Formula, Female Hormonal Formula, Yoni Formula, Fecundity (fertility), and Herbal Contraception.

Colon Specific Formulas: Colon Formula, Bowel Mover, and Intestinal Janitor Formula.
NOTE: Could cause serious bouts of defecation so make sure you’re near a toilet if you decide to take all of these formulas together. Also, it’s best to take this combination while at home.

Nutritional Formulas: Emerald Greens Cell Food, Vitamin C, Multi-Vitamins and Minerals, Herbal Iodine, and MSM Sulphur.

Eliminative Channel Formulas: Colon Formula, Liver-Gallbladder Formula, Kidneys-Bladder-Adrenal Formula and Lungs Formula.

Learn the property of herbs and herbal formulations so you’ll know how to properly combine herbs to take them at the same time.

Folks, herbs are food and NOT drugs so you will not and cannot experience a fatal overdose by combining them (though there is a science to combining herbs as some herbs have a function or activity that cancel out the function or activity of other herbs.

Read the activity of each formula you’re taking and let your common sense kick in and dictate to see if a specific formula cancels out another formula.

You wouldn’t want to take Brain Tuner and Nerves Formula at the same time as they would cancel each other out. Brain Tuner speeds up the brain activity and Nerves Formula slows it down (calms it down).

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