This has to be the most common Full Body Detox question received at and can be quite annoying at times when responding to inquiries as it is a very redundant question that has already been addressed numerous times.

When performing the Full Body Detox, do not to take any other product(s) while performing the Full Body Detox; the exception being herbal tea and/or crystal/gemstone elixirs.

Do not take other herbal products (including ones from, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, soft gels, a powdered substance (i.e. MSM Sulphur), etc.

When performing our Full Body Detox, you’re already taking 30 capsules per day, which is a lot. Therefore, we inform people that they cannot perform another cleanse while performing the Full Body Detox. That would be too many capsules to consume on a daily basis. Therefore, one cleanse at a time.

Just take the six (6) formulas of the Full Body Detox and eat your raw foods for twenty (20) days. Just focus on doing this!

Now after you finish performing the Full Body Detox, you can take whatever products you want to take. It’s your choice!

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