If you have been recently diagnosed with so-called cancer by a doctor or physician, you’re probably scared out of your wits, thinking about how much time you have left to live. After all, that’s what doctors generally specialize in – BAD NEWS and FEAR! Giving their patients bad news and instilling fear in them (though it’s really not the doctor’s fault as the patients are the ones who make themselves patients by unconsciously living against or outside of Nature).

However, there’s really no need to fear a diagnosis of cancer or even cancer itself. Why? Simply because cancer is not necessarily a death sentence.

Many people fear cancer (and other so-called fatal diseases) simply because they are ignorant, and mostly about what cancer is. However, what many people do not know but should know or need to know is that cancer the disease is not really the issue as far as death and dying are concerned because the truth of the matter is, more people die from allopathic cancer treatment (chemotherapy and radiation) than cancer the disease (and being technical here, cancer is really not a disease, but a symptom).

To undo your fear about cancer (or any other so-called disease) the first thing you must do is acquire knowledge – knowledge about the so-called disease. Ask yourself: what is cancer?
And before continuing with defining cancer, always keep things or matters short or brief, or simple. Don’t complicate things with long, drawn out definitions or meanings filled with large technical medical terms customary of doctors when talking to their mostly ignorant patients.

Keeping things very concise and to the point, cancer is an anaerobic condition leading to cellular degeneration and caused by insalubrious lifestyle (which includes diet, habits, mindset/thoughts, and emotions) which is reversible.

Anaerobic is two words: anaerob (from anaerobia) and ic (suffix). Anaerobia basically means “low oxygen and extreme acidity level in the body.” The suffix ‘ic’ means: pertaining to. Therefore, anaerobia means: pertaining to a state of low oxygen and extreme acidity level in the body. Therefore, this state leads to a dreaded symptom the medical establishment calls “cancer.”

Okay, so now, the question must be: what caused the body’s oxygen levels and pH levels to dip so low? Answer: a toxic lifestyle (death style) that included eating a very poor, high acidic diet (denatured foods). The diet provided no life, no nutrition to the body. Too much acidity lowered the body’s pH levels and lack of oxygen starved the cells.

What did the diet consist of? Cooked, processed (refined) foods – meat (from innocent animals slaughtered for human consumption), dairy products (animal excreta), refined grains, refined starches, chemical sugar (#1 drug on the planet), chemical salt (not required sodium); chemical additives (preservatives, fillers, binders, addiction causing agents, etc.); candy (more sugar), effervescent beverages (i.e. soda pop with a 2 pH), coffee, alcohol (also known as “in-toxic-ant”), bottled pasteurized (enzyme-murdered) juices, and other crap!

What were some of the deadly habits? Smoking (cigarettes), consuming prescription drugs (legal) and illicit drugs (illegal), chemically processing the hair, applying toxic skin care, beauty/cosmetics, perfume/cologne, feminine hygiene products to the skin (which ended up in your bloodstream); using toxic house-cleaning products, working in facilities known to your state to cause cancer, tattooing the body with permanent chemical ink; sexual Russian roulette (random unknown sex partners), etc.

What were some of the toxic and diseased thoughts (and expressed thoughts)? “I HATE you!” “God, you KILL me when you do that!” “You make me SICK!” “… it’s EATING me up inside!” “I can’t BREATHE!” “I wish your ass would DIE!” “I could just CHOKE your ass!” Remember, your words are real (words are things)! They also create karma for you as well. If you don’t know how to neutralize, block, or transmute the energy from the negative words you choose to you at certain times and to certain people for certain reasons, refrain from using these words as the energy comes back around to you eventually. The key to using negative words (to some people), as I specialize in, is to make sure your positive words dominate your exchanges. For example, 90% or more of positive words is going to greatly upstage the 10% or less of negative words used. Also, make sure your emotions don’t become tainted when you use negative words.

The metaphysical aspects of cancer have to do with the toxic thoughts and diseases mentioned above and should be analyzed for purposes of healing cancer at a root or energetic level.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer (after a second and third opinion), you have a choice in treatment: natural vs. allopathic! Because DjehutyMaatraHerbs.com only deals in NATURAL medicine and healing, our remedy for cancer is a natural one. And no, we don’t advise the mixing of herbs and pharmaceutical drugs as it defeats the purpose. Why take a drug or drugs (i.e. chemotherapy) when the human body is not made up of drugs? Mathematically and biologically this does not compute! And why undergo radiation when this process destroys ALL cells, including the good or healthy cells in the body? Doesn’t make sense.

The first thing you must do is eradicate use of the word ‘cancer’ and replace it with ‘advanced cellular degeneration.’ Think positive and adopt and embrace a positive and optimistic mental outlook (from here on out).

Change your diet! Opt for a plant-based whole foods diet, at least 50% raw foods. The more raw foods the better for you. The less cooked or processed foods, the better (even applies to vegans and veganism). Drink plenty of freshly squeezed fruit juice and vegetable juice cocktails (i.e. beets, celery, parsley, spinach, etc.) – daily! Drink alkaline water (eight glasses daily) if available in your area and if you can afford it. Fortify it with an alkaline drops product or consider adding liquid chlorophyll to the water, or do both! You can also add 2-3 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to the water (converts to oxygen in the body). Add one tablespoon of Graviola (herb) to your fruit smoothie. This herb alone is 10,000 times more potent and effective than chemotherapy.

Drop or eliminate all vices (listed above and ones not listed). They do not serve you and only feed the cancer or advanced cellular degeneration condition.

Your herbal regimen begins with performance of the Full Body Detox for 20 days followed by the Emerald Greens Cell Food Cleanse for 10 days. You can perform the cleanses back to back if you like. You could actually stay on the Emerald Greens Cell Food Cleanse nonstop.

After performance of your cleanses, your daily regimen would consist of taking:

Blood Formula

Emerald Greens Cell Food

Mushroom Combo

Herbal Iodine Formula

Superfruits Combo

Immune Support or Booster Formula

You can take these formulas 2-3 hours apart from one another, in the order you choose, it doesn’t matter which order as long as you consume them daily and consistently.

Take one teaspoon of Black Seed oil (also known as Black Cumin oil) daily. Suck on a slice of lemon or lime afterward to help you deal with the pungency of the oil.

Perform enemas every three days. It’s best to add herbal tea (laxative herb or herbs), one cup, to the enema solution (which helps to expel feces). Do two rounds. The first round can include the herbal laxative and the second round can include one tablespoon of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to the enema water.

During the healing regimen, we also recommend performance of colonics, acupressure or acupuncture, massage therapy, EMF (emotional frequency technique), hydrotherapy (steaming in a sauna), oxygen therapy (hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions), etc.

We also suggest that you start learning about cancer cures, remedies, and/or alternative healing modalities. Following is a list of available videos on cancer and alternative remedies:

Healing Cancer Inside Out

The Gerson Miracle

The Beautiful Truth

Dying To Have Known

Cut, Poison, Burn

Burzynsky – The Movie

Burzynsky: Cancer Is Serious Business, Part II

World Without Cancer


Contrary to popular opinion espoused by the Western medical establishment, cancer is not necessarily a death sentence.

Thank you for reading this article!

This article is compliments of Djehuty Ma’at-Ra and DjehutyMaatraHerbs.com.

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