Cistanches is one of my favorite male aphrodisiac herbs. It is also one of the most potent male aphrodisiacs with a proven reputation of effectiveness. 

Cistanches, also known as Rou Cong, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) tonic herb that is harvested in the desert regions of Northern China as well as Mongolia. It is Yang in nature, just like all red variations of Ginseng, and thus naturally beneficial for males.

The therapeutic benefits of Cistanches are plentiful, especially in the area of male sexual reproductive health. The plant helps counter impotence and premature ejaculation, strengthen sexual function, counters stress-induced reduced libido, increases the hormone production (testosterone) in the testes of males; helps to replenish blood and strengthen kidney functions; helps to lower blood pressure, increases lean body tissue, strengthens the back and knees; counters dizziness and dizzy vision as well as tinnitus and deafness; and helps to retard early white of beard and hair which is caused by kidney yang deficiency and insufficiency of blood and essence.

Cistanches is a powerful free radical scavenger and has profound anti-aging effect. In addition, it enhances SOD activity and prevent lipid peroxidation (in vivo), and boosts immunity.

Despite being Yang in nature, Cistanches is just not a male aphrodisiac. The plant is also used by women, in the manner of Ashwagandha, another potent uni-sexual aphrodisiac.

In women, Cistanches helps reverse infertility, counters morbid leukorrhea and profuse metrorrhagia; counters sterility due to cold in the womb.

In China, it is reported that men who take Cistanches experience noticeable increase in sexual prowess. The plant is an important sex tonic that has been used by Chinese men throughout Chinese history and ancient Chinese sexual classics claim that consistent consumption of Cistanches would enlarge the penis and make the penis much harder during erection.

As I teach, aphrodisiacs usually benefit the two most important sexual organs – the brain and the genitals, and Cistanches is no exception to the rule. Therefore, Cistanches helps to improve learning ability and consolidation and helps counter learning disability and memory dysfunction.

Cistanches contains alkaloids that increase blood circulation to the pelvic region in general and to the genitals in particular.

In China, Cistanches is the basis of the drug, “Rou Cong-rong” (Herba Cistanches), a commonly used drug in Chinese medicine.

In closing, I highly recommend this potent male aphrodisiac for any man suffering in the areas of poor libido, especially stress-induced, impotence, poor erection and hang-time and lack of endurance.

Cistanches compliments the following aphrodisiac herbs: Tongkat AliYohimbe BarkMuira PuamaCnidiumXanthoparmelia, Butea Superba, Typha Capensis, Strongback (aka Stiff-cock Strongback), Catuaba, Red Ginseng, and Ashwagandha.

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