Simply said and put, chemotherapy (chemical therapy) is POISON! It will kill you over a short (and sometimes long) period of time.

Western allopathic doctors and hospitals are using chemotherapy on people (victims/participants) because the entire American medical industry is owned and controlled by the Rockefellers, OIL BARONS!

The Rockefellers own most of the petroleum in the world. Their chief oil company was known as Standard Oil before the government made them breakup it up (as it was a monopoly). But all the Rockefellers did was create various independent oil companies like Chevron, Mobil Oil, Unocal 76, etc., but it all comes from the same people (Rockefellers) and company (Standard Oil).

They (Rockefellers) not only convert the petroleum into oil and gas, they convert it into other products like Vaseline. Replace the “V” in Vaseline with the letter “G” and what do you have? Answer: G-A-S-E-L-I-N-E!

Gasoline is petroleum! So now we have Petroleum Jelly that we unwisely put on our skin (and lips) and which suffocates our skin.

We also have mineral oil that we unwisely use on the skin of our innocent little babies, which clogs the pores of their skin, making their skin rough.

Petroleum is a mineral! Petra means ‘stone’ or ‘rock.’ The Rockefellers gave us both of these harmful products (Vaseline and mineral oil). But they also gave us CHEMOTHERAPY (Liquid petroleum). Most people don’t know it, but they also make plastic-like material out of petroleum, like television set casings.

The black material used by SONY for their electronic products comes from petroleum. In fact, the Rockefellers allegedly own SONY corporation (via a Japanese front). SONY is an acronym for [S]tandard [O]il of [N]ew [Y]ork, hence S-O-N-Y!

The United States owns Japan, taking it over as property after WWII. Toyota, Nissan, and every other so-called foreign car are nothing but American cars manufactured in Japan and given Japanese names and exported to America for American consumers to buy. That’s right! Japanese cars are nothing but American cars.

You see, Americans don’t buy African cars! I was told by a reliable source that Africa produces the best car on the planet. A Japanese auto industry executive told me this and subsequently showed me documents (back in the 1990s when I worked for an investigation agency). I was blown away at this revelation. However, according to this auto industry insider, the Africans are the ones who refuse to let their cars be sold here in America; so it’s basically a well-kept secret (as I didn’t even know that cars were manufactured at all by Africans).

Doctors give patients chemotherapy to speed up the death of cancer patients to be rid of them. This is why they can give cancer patients a prediction of six months to live because in six months of chemotherapy, you’re out of here! GONE! The stuff is poison! It is derived from petroleum! Petroleum is for cars, not the human body. But because the Rockefellers own the entire American medical industry, they use their number one resource (petroleum) for medical purposes as well. Check out a book called “Murder by Injection” by Eustace Mullins (who is now sitting in jail because the Rulers came after him). It’ll break down the whole history of the American medical system and it’s quite frightening. Other great books exposing the Rockefellers include THE PRIZE, THE ROCKEFELLER MONEY TRUST, and THE ROCKEFELLERS (biography).

The government (federal and state) bans ozone/oxygen which can help cure cancer, AIDS, herpes, and just about any other disease; but doesn’t ban chemotherapy which kills hundreds of thousands of people per year. Hell, it killed both my mother and father. I told my mother to avoid chemo, but like my father, she trusted allopathic doctors over her own son. It’s true in that “familiarity breeds contempt”, because of course we all know of my mother’s unfortunate fate due to not listening to the wise words of her son.

When she died, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. You can’t fool Mother Nature! You can’t heal the body with poison and chemotherapy is a poison! We must recognize and understand higher law, Divine/Universal law. We are organic beings and we just can’t give a human being INORGANIC substances and think nothing adverse will happen. There is a law of Cause and Effect and it is a set law.

There is also the Law of Human Biology. If our food and medicine isn’t organic, but inorganic, we are polluting ourselves. That law or those laws is/are real and no one is immune to it/them. We are under Natural Law, biological law!

So in closing, if you or someone you know is considering chemotherapy, just know that no part of the human body is made with or from chemotherapy (or petroleum). Therefore, you can’t cure cancer or any other disease with this harmful toxin and poison.

Chemotherapy breaks down the immune (or defense) system; it pollutes your blood and taxes your liver. In fact, no one ever dies of cancer that has received chemotherapy and radiation treatments. No one! People die from the cancer treatments (chemotherapy and/or radiation), not the cancer. The cancer works on your behalf, letting you know something is wrong with your body. It really isn’t your enemy or foe.

Healing From Chemotherapy Treatments

If you have unwisely been taking chemotherapy (for whatever reasons) and now realize your mistake and want to rid your body of this insidious poison, I highly suggest you detoxify your body (temple).

Great herbs that can help cleanse the body of chemotherapy include Chaparral, Mitake and Shitake mushroom; Goldenseal, Echinacea, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Yellow Dock Root, and Carbon (Activated Charcoal), all available at

Carbon by far is the best thing you can take to cleanse your body (temple) of chemotherapy.

Herbs that boost the immune system include Goldenseal Root, Echinacea Root, Astragalus, Cat’s Claw, Pau D’Arco (La Pacho), Ginseng, and Suma.

The water of choice for removing chemotherapy out of the body is distilled water.

I also highly recommend Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid for post-chemotherapy treatment. My Kemetian Gold contains both of these acids.

An elixir made of distilled water and Smoky Quartz crystal will also prove helpful and effective in recovering from and eliminating chemotherapy from the body. Smoky Quartz is the best crystal to use when healing from chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments.

Drinking vegetable juice (that contains parsley, spinach, and cilantro among other vegetables) daily will also help healing from chemotherapy treatment.

DjehutyMaatraHerbs.Com products recommended for post-chemotherapy treatment include: Full Body Detox, Blood and Lymphatic Formula, Rainforest Tonic, Immune Booster, Vitamin C, Emerald Greens Cell Food, and Kemetian Gold.

Enemas (especially coffee enemas) and colonics will also help to cleanse the body of chemotherapy.

Lastly, make sure to bathe daily in hot water and sea salt (about 3-6 boxes per bath).

Thank you for reading!

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