I feel no one is more qualified to speak on headaches than myself, at least in my mind I feel this way. I say this because I suffered from no other dis-ease or malady more than I suffered from headaches and it all just recently made all the sense in the world to me why a person such as myself suffered so much from headaches.

The headaches decreased dramatically over the years due to becoming health conscious and greatly modifying my diet, becoming vegan and consuming a lot of raw foods (I go serious raw foods during spring and summer) but I still experienced slight headaches from time to time that I discovered were not diet related. They were more energetic (vibration) related and based due to thoughts, feelings and emotions. Stress and tension were and are the biggest catalysts for my head aching.

Today, headaches are far and between, but never the less, they are still on the scene and the cause is much deeper for an individual such as myself which I will cover later on in this article.

However, just as one can change their diet to prevent headaches, one can also change their thoughts and emotions (frequency or vibration) as well to prevent the headaches of another class.

I’m going to cover the various types of headaches, their causes and their remedies or prevention, from a wholistic perspective in this article.

What is a headache? Headache is medically defined as: a pain in the head from any cause. Kinds of headaches include Functional headache, Migraine headache, Organic headache, Sinus headache, and Tension headache. Also called Cephalagia. SOURCE: Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 3rd ed., pg. 545

Cephalagia [Greek, kephale meaning “head” + algos meaning “pain”] Headache, often combined with another word to indicate a specific type of headache, such as histamine cephalagia.

Migraine headache is defined as: “a recurring vascular headache characterized by a prodromal aura, unilateral onset, and severe pain, photophobia, and autonomic disturbances during the acute phase, which may last for hours or days. The disorder occurs more frequently in women than in men, and predisposition for the disorder is not known, but the head pain is related to dilation of extracranial blood vessels, which may be the result of chemical changes that cause spasms of intracranial vessels. A greatly increased amount of a vasodilating polypeptide related to bradykinin is found in tissue fluid of patients during migraine attacks. Allergic reactions, excess carbohydrates, iodine-rich foods, alcohol, bright lights, or loud noises may trigger attacks, which often occur during a period of relaxation after physical and psychic stress.” Mosby’s supra, pg. 758

Today, there are many causative factors for headaches which include but are not limited to: tension, stress, anxiety/worry, allergies, sinus pressure, constipation, muscle tension, disturbance in the blood circulation; lack of chi (energy), nutritional deficiencies, use of alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes/tobacco; exposure to irritants such as colognes and perfume, environmental pollutants; hormonal imbalance (PMS or menstrual cycle-related), fever, acute toxicity (acidosis); eyestrain, and Sixth Chakra (Ajna) imbalance.

Most headaches are simply a sensor pointing to an underlying health problem. As health advisors and M.D. James and Phyllis Balch states: “People who suffer from frequent headaches may be reacting to certain foods and food additives , such as wheat, chocolate, Mono-Sodium-Glutamat (Natrium Glutamat) (monosodium glutamate), sulfites (used in restaurants on salad bars), sugar, hot dogs, luncheon meats, dairy products, nuts, citric acid, fermented foods (cheese, sour cream, yogurt), alcohol, vinegar, and/or marinated foods. Other possibilities to consider are anemia, bowel problems, brain disorders, bruxism (tooth-grinding), hypertension (high blood pressure), hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), sinusitis, spinal misalignment…” SOURCE: Prescription for Nutritional Healing, 2nd ed., pg. 299

Now I for one knew my early bouts with chronic headaches (which started when I was very young) were diet and lifestyle related. I can remember being in my teen years and having headaches and religiously taking BC Powder (which my father turned me on to) which was a form of powdered aspirin, washed down with an effervescent beverage like Bubble Up, 7-Up, Sprite, or Aspen.

Thank God I didn’t suffer from internal ulcers at such a young age due to excessive aspirin drug consumption as I took a lot of BC powder in my early life – almost weekly or bi-weekly, I kid you not.

Coming up as a child, I thought disease was natural, something you couldn’t do anything about. My relatives talked about certain diseases so much and how everybody seemed to be suffering from one disease or another that I simply thought disease, sickness, and suffering was a natural part of life. Of course I learned that all of the above was not and is not true, but was more ‘traditional paralysis’ and familial and cultural belief-system oriented.

Undoubtedly, early off, diet (POOR DIET) was the causative factor of my bouts with chronic headaches. I ate any and everything and I always knew that a headache followed after eating certain things, especially chocolate and salt (white table salt). Back then I didn’t know that white table salt was really a drug and not sodium.

I actually found out from herbalist Dr. Paul Goss (of New Body health products) that white table salt was nothing more than “crude oil extract” mixed with 30+ chemical drugs.

I also discovered the gross horrors of chocolate and all that goes into it or that it contains, i.e. dairy (milk, a/k/a liquefied cow snot/mucus), chemical drugs (pain suppressors for menstruating females); caffeine, and RAT POOP/FECES!

Though accidental, the rat feces are an unlisted ingredient in that chocolate you are eating and understandably so as who in their right mind would willfully list rat feces as an ingredient in their chocolate and who in their right mind would know this fact and still eat it?

KCAL Channel 9 in Los Angeles, California aired a segment a few years ago (c. 2004) around Valentine’s Day listing the major brands that contained the most feces in them and every major chocolate company ranked and Godiva, known for the most expensive chocolates, ranked in first place.

After becoming health conscious in 1995, I began experimenting on myself. I wanted to find out the cause of my headaches. Back in the early 1990’s, I lived off of fast food, especially KFC, H. Salt Fish & Chips, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King and El Pollo Loco. I was still not all that conscious because I couldn’t make the connection that El Pollo Loco meant “The crazy chicken” and you are what you eat.

Well, I decided to eliminate everything I was eating, simply fasting and only consuming raw foods. Day by day I began to reincorporate the things I was previously eating back into my diet. Slowly but surely I was able to pinpoint the so-called foods I was eating that was causing or triggering my headaches and the number one thing causing headaches was the El Pollo Loco veggie bowl I was eating (thinking I was eating healthy).

I thought I was doing vegetarian but was sabotaging myself. There was a chemical in that dish that was triggering headaches in me. I then discovered chocolate and salt also caused or triggered headaches. I was also eating that cheap Chinese food too (which sells for $1 today) and this too was causing or triggering headaches, undoubtedly due to the Mono-Sodium-Glutamat (Natrium Glutamat) this crap contains.

But you see, this is the price you pay for eating any and everything and not preparing your own food.

I later discovered that my headaches were also due to being constipated and just having a diseased and compacted colon. I started really getting into colon health back in 1996 when one day I was attempting to have a bowel movement upon coming home from work.

I wanted to greatly call in to my friend’s show, the Lee Maribal show (on Los Angeles A.M. radio), and voice my opinion about Clinton’s re-election. But something was happening in my body. I couldn’t defecate this particular day. No matter how hard I tried (or actually strained, in all due honesty), I just couldn’t have a bowel movement.

I drank water, lied on the bed, massaged my stomach, I just couldn’t release that evening. Boy did this situation get me thinking. Well, finally after just accepting the situation and letting it go, after 2 HOURS, I finally had the bowel movement. I felt like a pregnant woman giving birth to a child, but my child was a serious log jammer (12 inch stool) that gave me hell for two hours!

After this episode, I said “To hell with this! This will never happen to me again!” and I consciously started taking care of my colon and in taking care of my colon (utilizing herbal products only, back then), the headaches lessened greatly.

I also learned that I was suffering from bilious headaches. I always wondered about green stools and my good friend Tim Morrow, also an herbalist, explained to me that green stools represented bile secreted from the gallbladder in an attempt to help balance and neutralize all the acid in my colon due to all the acidic crap I had eaten.

So there it was – chemical toxins from the so-called foods (fast food) and colon problems, mainly constipation.

Basically, I was seriously TOXIC and intestinally compacted from all that I had ever eaten and back then I didn’t know about flushing out my system or detoxifying my body, mainly my eliminative channels. I was headed for an early death the path I was on and I thought I knew it all back then, especially being a Muslim (Nation of Islam) and all, but boy was I in for a rude awakening.

I realized I didn’t know jack grits about myself or really the most relevant things of life. The NOI Muslim diet (How to Eat to Live) was insufficient for me. It admitted that a vegetarian diet was best, but it lacked emphasis on truly being and living as a vegetarian.

Strangely, it made eating animal flesh acceptable as long as you ate one meal a day and fasted periodically. However, it did springboard me into health consciousness (along with Dick Gregory’s classic “Cooking with Mother Nature” which was far more in depth, detailed, and inspirational than Elijah Muhammad’s How to Eat to Live articles that was combined into a book).

As I left the Nation of Islam and Islam as a religion altogether (in every aspect) and successfully distanced myself away from its theology, ideology, mythology, and philosophy to embrace African-centered consciousness and ultimately universal consciousness (which is where I am at present, and happily so), my religious-based diet also left me (or I left it) and doorways to better avenues of diet and health opened up to me.

I truly under/inner/over-stand now why the ancient people of Kemet (Egypt) left us the saying: Man, KNOW Thyself! They didn’t say ‘know thy religion,’ ‘know thy Bible’ or ‘know thy Qur’an’; they clearly and wisely said ‘KNOW THYSELF’ and ever self 1996 I invested most of my money, time, and energy into myself and this was the best gift I ever gave myself because today I am truly wealthy on all levels of wealth and I have true satisfaction in life as N.W. Walker correctly stated: “Health is the indisputable foundation for happiness.” Of course this has to be a wholistic health and not just health on the physical level.

Continuing on, I immediately noticed how much better I felt and how my headaches would improve by 50-75% just from eliminating or having a bowel movement.

This realization prompted me to get into performing enemas and consistently so. I had constantly heard Dick Gregory talking about how he performed enemas weekly. I (and my good friend Sheldon Staggers) met Dick a few months later at Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, California, and the man exuded much vibrancy and his eyes were very white.

I said to myself those enemas must really work and do wonders, so I started doing my weekly enemas (starting off using Epsom Salt until I left that alone for herbs such as Buckbean leaves, Senna, Cascara Sagrada, and Black-Walnut Hulls).

I still perform a cool water enema flush with 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide and man do I feel wonderful after performing my enemas. My prostate is also stimulated too during an enema and I can feel it. After all, the prostate is located directly under the rectum so it too benefits from cleansing the alimentary canal. Enemas are not only great to prevent headaches, but also prostate problems.

In 1996 the corporate job I was working for moved to Glendale, California. I subsequently moved to Glendale, California, myself nearly a year later to cut down on my daily commute, or so I thought (as I now know that Glendale is my destiny city that exudes an aura of success, peace, security, wealth, luxury, expansion, creativity, and freedom). My life has positively transformed tremendously while dwelling in this city (that was once considered one of the most racist cities in the U.S. some 35-40 years ago).

Shortly after arriving in Glendale in 1996, I met a woman named Jaz (Barbara) who was a colonic hydrotherapist. She performed my first colonic and all of my subsequent colonics and we became good friends over the course of years. Colonics complimented my personal enemas and colon care regimen and the headaches greatly lessened up even more.

I used to talk about oxygen and ozone therapy so much back then (c. 1996-2000) that Jaz introduced ozone into her colonics and let me tell, you have not had a colonic until you’ve had a colonic featuring ozone (enhanced oxygen)! It is the BEST colonic you’ll ever have (and will cost you an extra $25-$50 which is highly worth it)!

The ozone (enhanced oxygen) helps to dissolve hardened mucus, kill parasites and worms on contact, and just plain busts up old, hardened fecal matter. Jaz still performs colonics (and with ozone and NOW crystals, as of 2006) at the Colon Cleansing Studio [a/k/a Water’s Gift] in Pasadena, California.

I talked so much about crystals that she has also introduced them into her colonic sessions, which really heightens the experience of the colonic. She uses a nice, big piece of Carnelian crystal to massage the stomach and this greatly enhances and increases the elimination of feces from the lower belly area.

Jaz offers a great colonic and she has become known as colonic hydro-therapist of the Stars working with celebrities such as Brandy, Shemar Moore, Edafe Okurame, and Tanjareen Martin.

Even after doing all of the above, I was still experiencing headaches from time to time and didn’t understand why. I cut out a lot of the junk foods, but I had not taken that great dietary leap into the realm of vegetarianism.

Well, in 1997, I went the whole year as an ovo-lacto vegetarian which is a vegetarian who doesn’t eat meat (dead, slaughtered animal flesh) but who still eats animal excreta or female animal reproductive excreta such as eggs and milk (dairy); and this was still highly injurious to me because I’m Black (or so-called African/Asiatic/Nuwabian) and by nature I am lactose-intolerant as all Black people are.

Actually, all human beings (including Caucasians, who can tolerate dairy products better than any other race) are lactose-intolerant. This is a biological fact!

However, I remember having a dream about being in Africa, married and having a daughter and eating vegan-vegetarian foods. Amazingly so, in 1998, I married (my first wife) and also became a VEGAN vegetarian in January 1998 (and also, I had a daughter in May of the following year). My dream came true (though everything took place in the U.S.; but I did become more African-centered, especially in regards to diet).

The gist of the foregoing is that I became a vegan and this really helped me health-wise! I never felt better in my life. I had more energy, my mind was clearer, I was happier! It was amazing at how eliminating animal flesh and byproducts could improve my life to this degree. Vegan-ism was a portal that opened me up to higher levels of consciousness. And also, the headaches declined even more.

Okay, let’s now deal with the various causes of headaches.

By far, most headaches people suffer from are due to TENSION and STRESS. In the Western world, especially the U.S., life is very stressful and tense-filled. The U.S. has to be the most stressed-filled country on the planet. Where life is fast and quixotic there will always be a lot of stress and tension.

Life is generally fast paced in industrial nations, especially due to technology. In the quest for convenience, comfort, and security we have created even more inconvenience, discomfort, and insecurity for ourselves. As I always say, in the quest for comfort we have created more discomfort for ourselves. In the quest for security, we have created more insecurity for ourselves, and as such, our lives have become very stressful, unnecessarily stressful.

Stress leads to stomach upsets, constipation, headaches, tension, frigidity and a host of other diseases. It is our stressful lifestyle that plays a major role in the production and consumption of antidepressant, antacid, and anti-inflammatory medication.

The number one thing (medication, drug) that Americans take for headaches is ASPIRIN. Aspirin is very detrimental to the human body. It not only causes internal bleeding due to burning a hole in the intestinal lining but also dulls and desensitizes the nerves. This is how aspirin works with regards to pains, specifically headaches.

Aspirin attacks the nerves in order to dull the frequency or vibration of pain. Aspirin harms the nerves in order to remedy the headache, temporarily. Aspirin can or will never cure a headache. It can’t! You see, a headache is nothing but a sensor that points to something else that’s flawed in the body. That’s what pain is, a sensor! So when you take aspirin for pain you are only targeting the sensor. It’s like cutting the wires of your oil light in your car. Just because you cut the wire of the oil light doesn’t mean that the car is not low on oil. You have only cut the wires of the oil light, but you have not addressed the real problem that caused the oil light to flash in the first place.

Sixth Chakra

Headaches are also a common ailment associated with the Sixth Chakra (Ajna). Many Sixth Chakraic individuals are prone to headaches. Headaches serve as an indicator of some kind of imbalance in highly sixth chakraic individuals. The more I accept my psychic powers, the more my headaches lesson.

I had to learn the lesson (metaphysical lesson) that headaches are caused by resistance (resisting something). What you resist persists, so I learned to let go and no longer resist what I didn’t like. I became an alchemist. I learned to convert negative thoughts and emotions into positive thoughts and emotions. Doing this prevented many headaches for myself.


One of the greatest causative factors of headaches in certain people (including myself) is perfectionism, which is an illusion. Perfectionism itself denotes an imbalance in thinking. Mythologist Joseph Campbell said it best: “out of perfection nothing can be made.”

So why do many people pursue perfectionism? Perfection is death! It is non-movement! The late great mystic, Osho, correctly guides on the right path and teaches us that we should pursue TOTALITY instead of perfection. We should become total, not perfect. To be total is wholistic. To be perfect is to be narrow.

I used to suffer from perfectionism myself. I say “suffer” because perfectionism is a disease. It played a role in my headaches. The anger and frustration of not having things done my way or to go my way created great tension and stress in my life. This created resistance!

Resistance is a big problem because when we resist a thing, we focus on the thing we are resisting and by doing this we send energy in the direction of the thing or subject that is the cause of our resistance and it magnifies. This causes pain and pain is inflammation. Not having things go our way “inflames” us and physically manifests as inflammation in a part of the body, usually in the head (command center). This is what “anger” is – energetic inflammation!

Inflammation means fire and we are on fire in our brains – we become “hot,” and this is why we are told to “calm” or “cool” down when we become upset. As you know, fire destroys everything that gets in its path. Energy is the same way. The fire in our brains will destroy our brain, literally and physically.

When “chi” becomes stagnant in our bodies, it creates a blockage. If we don’t get the “chi” to move (flow), the blockage will manifest on the physical level (blood flow stagnation), as where there is energy blockage, there is also blood blockage ultimately.

In a headache, there is always energy and blood blockage; this causes the pulsation of a headache. The veins in the head literally pulsate and you can feel it. When you have a headache, your veins pulsate and this is a sign that there is blockage (constriction). The blood vessels in the brain constrict. This is what tension and stress does – cause constriction! We hold stress and tension in the shoulders and neck. When we become uptight, the veins in our shoulders and neck constrict and this cuts off blood and oxygen supply to these parts of the body and this also results in stagnation of “chi” or vital life force.

Thoughts are things and our bodies respond to thought. Thought creates a psycho-somatic effect. Many thoughts, especially those predicated upon worry and other negative vibrations, can cause us pain – literal pain that we can feel in our bodies. This was one of the biggest causative factors of my headaches even after changing my diet. You see, I changed my diet but not my mindset and my thinking (or mental diet), so I was still prone to headaches due to my state of thinking.

Many days I would unwisely be living in the future (an illusion) by thinking about the future and usually fearing, worrying, or doubting about things and so much so that my head would begin to hurt. I would worry about things of a financial nature most of all.

It could be the fifteenth of the month and I’d start thinking (worrying and stressing) about the first of the month and rent time and what if I didn’t have the money for the upcoming rent and what would happen to me (such as being evicted). Even though I have NEVER missed a single rent payment or NEVER been behind on a rent payment ever since I have been paying rent, I STILL worried about missing my rent. This is the adverse and insalubrious effect of: (1) negative and linear thinking, (2) poverty/lack consciousness, and (3) living in the future instead of the Now.

Many times if I didn’t have money (the actual amount of my rent), say, a week or two before the rent was actually due; I’d project my present worry which was based upon my present finances, into the future. I never thought about how much time a week or two weeks was for a miracle to happen or to come up with the money for rent. Even though I had enough money for myself at that particular time, which was the present, it was never enough when I fast forwarded to the future – rent due date.

You see, this was my mind sabotaging me. It was nobody’s fault but my own. Why did I continually and habitually think like this, especially when I didn’t like the result – a massive and compounding headache, and more importantly, what I thought about and worried and stressed about (not being able to pay my rent) never once actually happened (thanks to the programming of my subconscious mind that remembered all of my past faith and trust in Matthew 6:33 “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and God’s righteousness and all things hall be added unto you which loomed larger than my worries, doubts, and stress).

I give God/Universe thanks and credit because your thoughts do create your reality and if it was anybody else I honestly feel they would have come up short with their rent and been evicted but my one thing to my credit is I have lived and strived hard to be righteous and to seek out first the Kingdom of God (my heart’s desire) first and foremost and on a conscious level I believed in God’s promise that if we sought out first God’s Kingdom and righteousness, all of the material things and basic necessities of life would be added unto us. This is a very dominant feeling with me, even to this very day.

So my dominant feeling during these times (of futile mentally concocted scenarios) was that God/Universe would provide for me and my subconscious mind delivered the results of this dominant feeling to me because the subconscious mind always responds to the dominant feeling or thought, so my trust in God/Universe (or Higher Power) was more dominant than my own concocted fears, doubts, and worries.

I wanted to share the above because today many people meet me and think I have always had it good but things were not always like how they are now. It took a lot of practice, willpower, belief/faith, courage, sacrifice (which gave way to surrendering) and bold and radical actions to get where I am today to be able to just let everything flow in life and have all the abundance I require.

It takes a lot to just let go of everything, especially when you are heavily attached to the material world (Matrix) and have a lot of material possessions. Our minds fight against us, especially when we tell the mind we are about to start living from the heart (Higher Self) and with the Tao (Way).

You see, our egos are responsible for this mental abuse we put on ourselves that I just covered and the mind is one of two dwellings for the ego, the other being the Solar Plexus chakra.

Intellectuals and highly brained people are some of the most frequent headache sufferers; too much brain use of holding things in the mind! People who retain a lot of information and knowledge may be subject to frequent headaches due to not letting their information and knowledge flow or come out.

Knowledge must be released, especially to make room for more knowledge, or I should say “new” knowledge. Holding on to information or knowledge instead of sharing (giving it freely) with people (especially those who need, require, and desire it) can create stagnation which can result in frequent headaches, aneurysm, embolism, stroke, or some other neurological disease.

A lot of these schizophrenic and would be crazy people you see walking down city streets talking to themselves, shouting, arguing and cursing at thin air are people who in past lifetimes possessed vast amounts of knowledge and information and who did not share what they possessed.

These people are also people in this present life who grew up holding things (feelings, sentiments, thoughts, emotions, etc.) in and keeping things in while growing up and then one day all hell broke loose and they snapped. I saw this quite a bit growing up as a child with my mother’s side of the family. The sanest appearing people would just one day and all of a sudden crack up and I’m talking about highly educated, smart, and intelligent people.

When you fail to release (express yourself) you cause an imbalance, an explosion! So many would-be crazy people you see walking down the street talking loud, shouting, cursing, and arguing with no visible person are in fact arguing with people from their past (this life as well as other lives) who caused them to create certain emotions and feelings which they held in on a cellular memory and etheric blueprint level.

Past life disease and injury is always stored in the etheric body which forms the basis of the structure of our dense bodies here on the 3rd dimensional level of existence. Past life or karmic seeds are placed in our etheric blueprint which allows theses diseases and injuries to take root and manifest in our physical, dense bodies of our present life dispensation.


General herbs that are great for remedying headaches include White Willow Bark, Red Willow Bark, Black Willow Bark, Meadowsweet, Feverfew, Balm of Gilead (Poplar); Wood Betony, Woodruff, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Lavender Flower, Spearmint, Gotu Kola, Gingko Biloba, Kola Nut, Buckbean Leaves, Birch Bark, and Rosemary Leaves.

Herbs good for nervous tension headaches include the general herbs supra in addition to the following herbs: Blue Vervain, Lady’s Slipper, Valerian Root, Wild Lettuce, Chamomile, Lily of the Valley, and Jatamansi.

Herbs good for menstrual-related headaches include the general herbs supra in addition to the following hers: Wild Yam Root, Dong Quai, Valerian Root, Angelica, and Pennyroyal.

Herbs good for bilious headaches include the general herbs supra in addition to the following herbs: Goldenseal, Barberry, Boldo, Cascara Sagrada, and Oregon Grape.

Herbs good for constipation-related headaches include the general herbs supra in addition to the following herbs: Cascara Sagrada, Senna Leaves, Buckthorn, Buckbean Leaves, Aloe Vera Resin, and Rhubarb.


Since headaches are located in the head area, denoting Sixth Chakra, all purple and indigo colored crystals and stones are good for remedying headaches. Indigo and purple-colored crystals and stones include Amethyst, Charoite, Purple Lepidolite, and Sugilite.

Quartz crystals are highly effective in relieving headache pain. Because they are great absorbers of energy, a quartz crystal can be programmed to extract pain. I simply program a piece of quartz crystal (polished or tumbled quartz works better for me) and tape it to the temple where the headache is centered and lie down. I then visualize the headache pain beaming into the quartz and housing itself in the quartz. I then notice I doze off after awhile, but when I wake up, my headache pain is 90% gone if not 100% gone! Totally credible (a substitute word I use for “Incredible” which means “not believable or credible” it is believable)! However, it works and better than toxic aspirin!


Great essential oils that help remedy headaches include Lavender, Rosemary, Birch, Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Spearmint. However, migraine headache sufferers might want to abstain from essential oils as they are very sensitive to smell (all smells) during a migraine episode. Migraine sufferers are very sensitive to sound, light, and smell (natural ad well as unnatural things).


Magnet therapy can give great relief for headaches. Magnets can only give relief because a headache is only a symptom and magnets can help alleviate that symptom but not the root cause (unless they are used in the therapy for eradicating the cause of the headaches). Magnets can help in conditions of headaches because magnets enhance circulation where there is constriction and when there is headache there is constriction. Magnets can be placed directly over the temples and worn for hours. However, magnets should never be worn to bed, especially magnets exceeding 800 gauss.


I recommend deep breathing and yoga for headache prevention and remedy because they also enhance circulation of chi throughout the body and chi via the breath can be channeled directly to the head area. Deep breathing is a great method to release stagnant, stale, and negative energy from the body. Deep breathing is very compatible and complimentary with visualization (imaginative) therapy.


I personally love visualization (or imaginative) therapy. You can use your mind for healing. I get great results when I use imaginative therapy to lessen and ultimately eradicate a headache. I simply make the pain a colorable substance (dark crude matter within my brain on whatever side of my head the headache is present and aching). I imagine going inside my head and piece by piece removing the dark crude matter from my head with a stainless steel utensil.

The more I remove the crude matter from my brain, the less the headache pain. It really works! I then imagine the residue of the dark crude matter being blown out of my mouth as a dark vapor, dissolving into the ethers and becoming pure energy as it disappears. The mind is the greatest tool in healing and always has been and will be. All sickness/disease and healing starts in the mind. The mind is a laboratory whereby we concoct our thoughts, good or bad, pure or polluted, constructive or destructive.


The coffee enema is the best enema for remedying a headache, especially from hangover from drinking Devil’s brew (alcohol). The coffee enema is also ideal for the bilious headache. Organic coffee (via the rectum) causes the liver to dump off toxins.

Alcohol is acidic and this causes the gallbladder to produce excess amounts of bile to counteract the acidity of the alcohol in the stomach and intestinal tract. This is what generally happens in the case of a bilious headache.


I have already addressed the powerful benefits of colonics in headache prevention and remedy. More than half of all headaches are clogged colon-related, so when you start addressing the colon by cleansing it, you are helping to lessen and eventually eradicate your headaches that are due to having a taxed, polluted, and clogged colon. Djehuty Ma’at-Ra is PRO colonics (and enemas).


I recommend acupuncture for healing in general and headaches in particular because acupuncture can help remove blocked and stagnant chi (energy). Remember, where there is headache, there is constriction and where there is constriction there is blocked energy and blood flow. Acupuncture does the same thing as magnet therapy; however, the difference is magnet therapy is noninvasive whereas acupuncture is invasive.


Massage works great wonders in relieving headaches, especially tension headaches. Massage loosens up tight muscles in the shoulders and neck that constrict due to tension, worry, and stress. Massage helps these negative things to melt and dissolve, especially if you are working with a great massage therapists.


Ear coning is a great tool in remedying sinus headaches. Ear coning removes via heat osmosis debris that causes compression against ear nerves which cause great pain in the head resulting in painful headache.


Positive thinking is like prevention whereas visualization and imaginative therapy described supra is like remedy and clearly prevention is better than remedy. I make it a serious pointer and precept of my life to stay positive all the time by any means necessary. A positive and happy disposition is the result of positive thinking. From time to time I put on Bobby McFerrin’s hit song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” as a simple reminder and enhancer of my precept to think positive, to not worry, and be happy.

Happy people attract happy individuals, circumstances, and events into their lives via the Law of Attraction. I have chosen to always remain positive and happy. However, I must warn you that when you become a constant happy and positive person, you become a magnet for people. You exude an irresistible vibration that everyone wants to experience. Your body functions optimally when you are happy and feeling positive.

The blood flows freely, acidity gives way to alkalinity, toxins find their way out of the body quickly via the eliminative channels; hormonal secretions secrete in abundant amounts, the cells communicate clearly, the skin radiates, the eyes shine and sparkle, and old age (degeneration) gives way to rejuvenation. This is true! Very true! Give it a try and see for yourself.


Yes, believe it or not, I actually use Bentonite clay for purposes of headache. This method instinctively came to me. I make the clay and then apply it to the temple where the headache stems from. The tightening action of the clay from drying helps to draw out negative energy. Where there is heavy metal toxicity there is emotional toxicity. It is a magnetic activity present.

This is why when you change negativity for positivity, healing takes place. Toxins cannot exist where there is positive energy. Positive energy creates alkalinity in the body and toxicity cannot exist where there is alkalinity. Strangely, pertaining to toxicity, the ions that create toxicity are called “positive ions” and the ions that are responsible for healing are called “negative ions.” I guess this is only strange if you are one who believes that in every situation negative means “bad” and positive means “good.” Negative and positive only means opposites or poles (as in polarity). The energy exuded from a headache is always negative (toxic) energy.


I also used to use ice packs or bags for headaches, especially migraine headaches. These worked well by simply numbing the pain. My mind diverted attention away from the headache and to the freezing coldness of the ice, alleviating the pain. Clearly this is symptomatic but is highly helpful and palliative.

The side of the head (temple) the headache is on means something on a much deeper level. The left side denotes the feminine, the past, magnetism, receptivity, passivity, and the logical/rational. The right side denotes the masculine, energetic, active, dominant, the future, and creativity (artistic).

You will have to deduce the cause of the pain. The cause could be due to various factors listed above (and others not listed above). Via intuition you can and will learn the cause of your pain (headache).

Pain on one side can denote a lack of or an excess of. Either way you have imbalance which equals dis-ease.

I give thanks for all the past headaches I have ever had because they allowed me to learn about myself on all levels. Headaches even taught me to accept death and to become free. One day I had a terrible headache and I had just gotten off of Advil (which I used to take for headaches). However, on this particular Saturday evening I decided to die before taking an Advil pill, something made by man. I reasoned with myself that if God/Nature could not help me to overcome a headache and pain, then how could man who was not my Maker or Creator help me? How could man make something to help me and God/Nature couldn’t?

I couldn’t see this or accept this, so I chose to be loyal to God/Nature/Universe despite not knowing everything (like the natural remedies that were before my blind eyes and deaf ears). But being loyal unto death to God/Nature/Universe resulted in me receiving a crown of life in the way of health and a natural remedy for headaches and pain. It wasn’t long before I discovered my special anti-headache and salicin tea and formula that provided me with great relief and without any adverse side effects like aspirin or Advil.

This formula is widely known today as my Headache and Pain (or Bio-Salicin) Formula. I did not purposely try to create this formula. It came one night while having a massive headache. I mixed and prepared certain herbs in a new tea kettle my wife had won at work and fell asleep. When I awoke, a nice herbal tea had brewed. I drank some and went back to sleep and amazingly woke up the next morning without any pain. My headache was gone! It wasn’t a cure for my headaches but was a profound remedy for them.

My experiences with headaches allowed me to write this article sharing my experiences, results, and remedies.

Today, I am a conscious magician, alchemist, sorcerer, wizard, shaman, and medicine man. As an herbalist exclusively, I was just a remedy man; but as a metaphysician in addition to being an herbalist, I became wholistic in my approach to treating, addressing, and healing sickness, disease, pathology, illness, and injury. I have become universal and universally accepted by all peoples on the planet, a true joy and gift that has me elated every time I think about and dwell upon this fact.

I never knew or imagined that I would become healthy, wealthy, free, sovereign, happy, and universally accepted by simply following my heart (dreams).

I am glad I listened to the pain and dissected it instead of running from it via numbing it down like the majority of people. Pain is a sensor and therefore a friend, the friend that nobody wants. Today I do not resist pain for what you resist persists. I learned to accept the pain and learn the lesson pain was there to teach me. T

here is NOTHING useless in the Universe regardless of what you may believe at present. Everything in life and this great Universe and our body has and serves a divine purpose and function even if we are ignorant to the specific purpose and function at present. However, with an open mind, in due time or the proper time-space sequence, everything we desire to know because we need to know will be made known or manifest to us. It has to be!

It is the natural way of things. This is why it is imperative to have an open mind in all areas of life and existence. You have to be open to receive and if you want to receive answers into your life for the questions you ask God/Universe, then it is mandatory that you stay and be open. If you think you know it all (like many religious zealots in the world do), you exude the energy (thought) into the Universe that you know it all, and thus cut off beneficial universal information/knowledge and wisdom coming into your life. Remember, “Closed mouths don’t get fed” and “The mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work if it’s not open.”

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Thank you for reading!