The one aspect I dislike about my Full Body Detoxification regimen is the inundation of inquiries I get from people pertaining to the healing crisis, also known as the Law of Cure and Herxheimer Reaction. Even though I have one full page dedicated to thoroughly explaining the healing crisis and another three pages (and a website section) dedicated to specifically naming a particular healing crisis (entitled Detox Trouble Shooter), people still are not getting or understanding what the healing crisis is and it amazes (and frustrates) me.

Any time you cleanse your body from all that junk you enjoyed putting in it, there will be a healing crisis.

A healing crisis can be broken down into two parts: healing and crisis.

What is healing? Healing can be defined as restoring or regaining health or soundness; returning to homeostasis, and Crisis is defined as 1. A crucial point or situation; turning point; 2. A sudden change in disease or fever toward improvement or deterioration. American Heritage Dictionary, 4th edition (2001), pg. 209

Basically, anytime healing occurs or takes place or when your body is restoring or regaining health and soundness, a crisis takes place. A sudden change in your diseased state takes place. But you say, I was fine before performing the detox. I’m quite sure you were, but nevertheless, you were still diseased. You probably just didn’t know it.

How can you expect to eat dead, slaughtered animal flesh, female cow mammary gland excreta (milk and dairy products), female chicken reproductive/hormonal ovum (eggs); refined starchy foods (that has so much starch in them that you could regurgitate the starch and put in a can and have enough starch to iron your clothes for a whole year); drink all that hot coffee (that burns your tissues and esophagus); alcohol, beer and wine (that destroys your mind and lowers your aura allowing entrance of demonic entities into your energy field and physical body); smoke symbolic white male phalluses called cigarettes (saturated with over 700 harmful chemicals including Civet cat rectum juice, morphine, sugar, and coal tar to name a few, and that destroys your lungs); ingest the most dangerous and addictive drug on the planet called sugar (that splices up your brain tissue), drink soda pop (that is so acidic it will eat up car battery terminal corrosion and put out engine fires), and refined grain products (that have so much gluten in them that instead of buying Elmer’s Glue you could simply regurgitate the refined grain product and have glue on contact) and not expect to be sick or diseased?

Americans are diseased and think they are well and when they are getting well they think they are getting sick. This is why when people ask me, Djehuty, will I get sick on the detox? I tell them, You’re already sick!

The Rulers have duped the American people into believing sickness is health. Sickness is common we are taught. That’s why you hear that having a cold is common, hence the common cold. No, there’s no common cold, only a common illusion that the common people have bought hook, line and sinker.

The Rulers (their medical imps) have also duped the American people into believing that healing is sickness. We have been taught to work against Mother Nature and our Body’s Intelligence. The Body Intelligence makes you cough to expectorate mucus, which is a good thing. However, you have been conditioned to run to the local legalized crack or drug house called a pharmacy and buy some poison you call medicine in your disillusioned and delusional state, to stop the cough. The drug stops the cough (healing process) and you give the drug credit for stopping your cough and making you feel better (normal) and you just unwisely stopped your healing and then you wonder why the cough comes back a few weeks or months later and with a vengeance.

You sneeze (a sign of healing) and you run to the legalized crack house and buy some drugs your Masters have approved which stops the sneeze and then you talk about you’re back to normal. Yeah, you are back to normal, but what is normal? Normal doesn’t mean natural. It’s normal for a female human being to have a menstrual cycle, but it isn’t natural. It’s normal to wear eyeglasses, but it isn’t natural. It’s normal for people to have one or two bowel movements in a week, but it isn’t natural. It’s normal for hair to turn gray, but it isn’t natural. It’s normal for your teeth to fall out in old age, but it isn’t natural. It’s normal to become senile in old age, but it isn’t natural. Normal does not mean natural. It’s normal today to drink water out of plastic bottles, but it isn’t natural. There is a difference!

The Matrix (this World) has us in a gigantic trick bag.

When the body is healing, elimination is going to take place and the body naturally uses the eliminative channels for purposes of eliminating. Yes, you’re going to defecate a lot when healing. Part of the reason why you’re sick is because you have not been defecating and in your glorified ignorance, you praise this, you?re happy about this. Americans don’t like going to the bathroom to defecate because they have a poop complex. Most Americans are full of shit in more ways than one.

You should be happy to be defecating, in the bathroom on the toilet dropping log-jammers out of your rectum. For all you people concerned with weight loss, my motto for so-called weight loss is To lose weight, simply defecate! Americans love to eat but hate to shit! You should be happy to be defecating. It is not natural to sit on the toilet for 30 minutes to an hour straining with your veins about to pop out of your neck like the Incredible Hulk and when you get through the only thing at the bottom of the toilet is a pea or pebble-size stool. Straining to release a little pea! This is serious constipation.

And you got people walking around in their foolishness happy as can be proud that they only defecate once every week or two weeks. Get the hell away from me! You’re a walking time bomb waiting to explode.

“Well, Djehuty, my doctor says it’s natural for a person to poop once every week or two.” Your doctor is a damn fool and will tell you anything to keep you sick and coming back for your fix. I don’t trust no damn doctors, not no Western doctors! I have seen doctors standing outside hospitals smoking cigarettes on their breaks. The doctor just got through performing surgery on a lung cancer patient and then goes outside to do the very thing or act that the lung cancer patient foolishly did that resulted in lung cancer.

Doctor coming into a room looking all decrepit, bent over, coughing, wearing eyeglasses, skin all wrinkled, just all messed up and I’m supposed to let this person check me out or operate on me? He/she probably just got through taking his/her medication (poison) before he/she came in the room.

Hell no! Not Djehuty Ma’at-Ra! I’ll tell that doctor I have to go to the bathroom and run the hell out of that hospital or medical facility. I don’t go to doctors nor do I trust them. I trust my next door neighbor more than I trust a doctor. I’ll let my next door neighbor operate on me with a butter knife and thread before I let a doctor operate or cut on me.

“Why I go to the bathroom so much, Djehuty, on your detox?” Because you’re backed up! You ain’t had a bowel movement since President Kennedy got shot back in 1963. You’re clogged and detoxifying stimulates the healing process. Healing stimulates peristalsis (bowel movement).

“My skin was fine before detoxifying! What happened?” That’s easy! Cleansing just woke up a sleeping dog, that’s all! You see, the skin is the largest eliminative channel and when detoxifying your body will use this channel. The Body Intelligence is not frivolous and superficial like we are. We’d rather be beautiful and sick or diseased. The body doesn’t care about this superficiality stuff! The body will use whatever opening or channel to save your life via the cleansing process.

You brake out with bumps on your face because the body also uses your body geography to reveal hints and messages about your emotional state and condition that you may not consciously be aware of. You may break out on your face because your Body Intelligence is attempting to tell you that you need to face something in your life that you have not been facing or wanting to face. You may break out on the left side of the face denoting the feminine side and thus a feminine or yin issue. If you break out on the right side of the face, there’s a masculine or yang issue that needs analyzing and addressing. The Body has an intelligence that serves your benefit.

“My menstrual cycle came back a few days after I started detoxifying, Djehuty, what’s up with that?” Simple! Your menses serves as a monthly cleansing and releasing. Most females and women are under the illusion that a menstrual cycle is for conception purposes. Some try to argue with me. They get mad as hell at me. One lady asked me who made me an authority on the vagina (she actually said the infamous P word). I just laughed!

How does releasing toxic waste matter relate to conception? How does releasing big ole clots from the vagina relate to having a baby?

Having a menstrual cycle releases valuable nutrition from a female’s body. This is such a defect that when a female does conceive, the Body Intelligence prevents the menses so as to stop the wasting of precious nutrients for the sake of the developing baby who needs serious nutrition for proper development in the womb. I’m not trying to make females feel bad. I’m just being very technical, factual and truthful. It’s my job to be so regardless of how radical or bizarre or controversial I may sound. I’m not alone in this category. People say the same thing about Rev. Phil Valentine, Bobby Hemmit, Dr. Delbert Blair, Jewel Pookrum (Sanut), and Harold Acey. Metaphysics is some radical, strange and controversial stuff to the average-minded person. But it is the average-minded person who is tore up from the floor up with health problems. With all of their praying on their knees and/or facing the east, ablution, communion, holy water, etc., they are sick as a dog because Mother Nature does not play!

Nature does not give a damn about your religion! Religious people are just as sick as the atheist. Disease claims both of them.

“Djehuty, I feel nauseous!” Of course you do! If cleansing makes you feel nauseous in your early days of detoxifying your body, you’re very toxic. That’s all! You’ve been eating junk-foods for so long that unnatural things are natural to your body. So you take herbs, eat raw fruits and vegetables, and drink vegetable juice and feel nauseous; however, you could eat a pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, and fourteen biscuits and you’re fine!

There’s people out there like my Friend Gary F. who will say, “Djehuty, I took herbs and was all messed up! I asked Gary what happens to him when he eats a pepperoni pizza or a hamburger. He says, Nothing! I’m fine, I feel terrific! Now ain’t that something! You can eat junk and you’re fine but when you eat something God or Nature provided for you, you get all messed up.

Like Public Enemy said in a song, There’s a poison going on!

“Djehuty, why you got to call your cleansing a detox?” It makes people think I’m overcoming drug addiction. Well, hell! You are! What is salt? A drug! What is sugar? A drug! What is MSG? A drug! What is Lawry’s Seasoning? A drug! You’re a drug addict and don’t know it! Why? Because the government gets to call their approved (legalized) drugs food additives!

You’re an addict! Don’t you take aspirin? What is aspirin? A drug! Don’t you take birth control pills so you can get your swerve on? What are birth control pills? A drug! You’re a drug addict and its okay because government said so! You’re Pookie (Chris Rock’s character from New Jack City) and its okay. You’re Gator (Samuel L. Jackson’s character from Jungle Fever) and its okay. Why? Because government said With are drugs, you have the right to get fucked up! You can take it to the head and it’s all right.

Drugs are poisonous and you’ve been taking heart medication for over fifteen years and your heart is still messed up and not working right and you still take the heart drugs. Why? You’re addicted! You can’t kick!

You’ve been taking Alzheimer’s medication (pills) for six years and you’ve forgotten what you’re taking them for. But you still take them! Why? Because you can’t kick! You’re addicted!

And how stupid is it for females to take birth control pills that cause female reproductive cancers in order to keep their skin from breaking out? If birth control pills affect your hormones, then put it together – the cause of your skin problems are hormonal (primarily or secondarily) and you need to work on your endocrine system.

“Djehuty, I can’t get addicted to or dependent on your colon herbs, can I?” You never wondered or worried about getting addicted or becoming dependent on Ex-Lax or Pepto-Bismol before taking them, did you? Of course not! You just took them because you needed serious relief. No questions asked!

Herbs are not addictive!

“Djehuty, I have a headache during my detox!” Of course you do! Your blood is thinning in your veins. The blood is purifying itself and the brain is being deprived of its daily junk and withdrawal is painful, so wa la, a headache! This is a crisis due to healing, hence, healing crisis.

“Will I have my energy while detoxing, Djehuty?” You never asked about having your energy before drinking your Cognac, Gin or Hennessey and becoming toxic, did you? Of course not! You only got questions when doing the right and/or natural things. You never think to question the wrong or unnatural things.

“Man Djehuty, the herbs are too strong, should I stop taking them or cut back on the dosage? Did you cut back on the dosage of the Gin and Cognac when you first consumed them?” After all, liquor is some strong stuff.

How about the crack cocaine? Did you ever think about stopping or cutting back on the freebase? Hell no you didn’t! In fact, you increased the dosage!

Or what about the jelly beans? Did you ever think about cutting back on them, even when your stomach began hurting because you ate too many of them? Hell no! You ate more of them. In fact, you ate the whole bag or jar.

Our thinking is twisted today and you wonder why the world is a mess and folks are sick and got serious issues? Well, it’s not all our fault! Government got a serious game and programming going on. Government get you all twisted up, from religion, to politics, to history, to culture, etc.

The government via its tool called religion had me as a little boy hunting for Easter eggs laid by the Easter Bunny and it never dawned on me that rabbits didn’t lay eggs. I was merely concerned with coming up on colored boiled eggs. I came up in South Central L.A. and there were no rabbits in the hood. But you know, we just accept things on the strength. After all, it never snowed in the hood and most of the homes didn’t have chimneys, but that never stopped Santa Claus and his sleigh of reindeer from landing on our rooftops and coming down chimneys we didn’t have to deliver presents that I saw mom and dad buy and wrap a few days before Christmas. Well, you got to have something to believe in, right?

In closing, I’m not mad at folks who inquire about or who don’t understand the healing crisis. I totally understand. I really do! Detoxifying the body is new to a lot of people, especially the detoxification I devised seven years ago. Plus, as a healer (healing assistant), I know patience is a must in healing. I have patience with the people, though many times, I am hounded and a few people get mad at me because I don?t respond to them (their inquiries) when they’d like me to. I guess they feel I am here on earth just for them, to hold their hand and to be there at their every whim. NOT!!!

At we do everything in our power to be there for the people. If you don’t get a phone call, then try us on our website. We created ‘Ask Djehuty’ so people could ask their questions on the Internet and get a pretty quick response.

I take a lot of calls but when people get me directly they take advantage of the time and keep me on the phone for 30-60 minutes, and it’s all good because I know folks are soaking up the knowledge and information, fueling off the energy, love and inspiration, but when you consider all the people I do this with, you have to have a heart and understand that I’m just one man who does have a life (and wife and family) and also needs to recharge his mental, emotional and spiritual batteries. A lot goes out but very few comes in, at least from people. It can be very taxing and draining at times! I hear a lot of negativity and details about pathology DAILY! I have to release all of this and time is needed, so I’m not always available.

I feel is loaded with information. But some people are just spoiled, needy and dependent. They feel their $94.95 buys me as an accessory with the Full Body Detox. These folks are buggin!

It is my greatest desire that people challenge their fears, ignorance (of their own bodies), and dependence and begin to trust in themselves, their gut feelings and psychic abilities and take charge of their own health and bodies and not defer that to someone outside of self. People should learn from what their trust in Western medical doctors got them – exploited, manipulated, dependent, chronically ill, and financially broke. Djehuty Ma’at-Ra and are attempting to change all of this or at least to stimulate this change.

My goal is to assist people in healing and reconnecting with the Source (God/Universe). Breaking fear is a big part of this process.

Successfully helping people to break or remove the fear of the healing crisis is the first step.

Thank you for reading!

This article is compliments of and Djehuty Ma’at-Ra.

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