High blood pressure (a/k/a hypertension) is a degenerative disease that affects some 60 million Americans, most of whom are African-American. Though only 13% of the total U.S. population (according to statistics), African-Americans lead the nation in cases of high blood pressure.

Most of the reasons Black Americans have the highest incidences of high blood pressure can be attributed to the Black version of the SAD (Standard American Diet), called “soul food” which is a diet saturated with dead animal flesh (meat) and thus cholesterol, and SALT, which is really a poison called crude oil extract, a petroleum derivative sold to people under the guise of white table salt .

Hypertension is medically defined as: “A common, often asymptomatic disorder characterized by elevated blood pressure persistently exceeding 140/90 mm Hg. Essential hypertension, the most frequent kind, has no single identifiable cause, but the risk of the disorder is increased by obesity, a high sodium level in serum, hypercholesterolemia, and a family history of high blood pressure.

The incidence of hypertension is higher in men than in women and is twice as great in blacks as in whites.

Persons with mild or moderate hypertension may be asymptomatic or may experience suboccipital headaches, especially on rising, tinnitus, lightheadedness, easy fatigability, and palpitations. With sustained hypertension arterial walls become thickened, inelastic, and resistant to blood flow, and, as a result, the left ventricle becomes distended and hypertrophied in its efforts to maintain normal circulation. Inadequate blood supply to the coronary arteries may cause angina or myocardial infarction. Left ventricular hypertrophy may lead to congestive heart failure.” Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 3rd ed, p. 590

Now, to break down the above in layman’s term for proper understanding, clearly hypertension results from insalubrious diet and lifestyle, and for African-Americans, a diet and lifestyle that unfortunately devolves upon future generations under traditional paralysis.

There is no such thing as high blood pressure running in one’s family. “Man Djehuty, high blood pressure runs in my family!” No! This is incorrect! The only thing that runs in your family is a poor diet that you rejoice in eating and to your own detriment.


Man-made sodium (white table salt ) is a great contributor to high blood pressure. When it comes to foods, there are not a lot of healthy white-colored things one can eat.

As many in the health consciousness movement admonish (including those who are Caucasian or White): avoid eating white foods! Chances are, if it’s white, it’s refined and devoid of nutrition. White foods or more correctly, foodstuffs, include white eggs, white flour (white bread), white rice, White Sugar , white salt, milk, and lard.

White chicken eggs are STERILE! These eggs won’t hatch! The sterilization of white eggs plays a tremendous role in the high incidences of infertility, which was virtually unheard of in the Black community, especially back in the 1960s, 1950s and prior decades.

During these times, it was not uncommon for a Black couple to have 10-18 children. In fact, my maternal grandmother, Willie Mae Maxwell (of Compton, California) had 15 children between 1945 and 1962. My wife’s maternal grandparents had 12 children.

Back in these days, Blacks generally ate brown eggs, especially if they had their own farm. However, I humbly submit that people stop eating eggs and allow the little chickens to hatch. Eggs are not food fit for human beings. And contrary to popular opinion, eggs whites are not nutritious! Eating egg white is basically like eating sperm.

White flour is void of nutrition (wheat germ). Whole wheat or multi grain breads (i.e. Ezekiel bread, Alvarado Bakery brands) are better to eat.

White rice is altered brown rice. It too is void of nutrition! Asian people can tolerate this kind of rice due to their biogenetic makeup. However, you never see Asians eating big bowls of white rice (like you do Americans, especially here in the U.S.).

I remember coming up in South Los Angeles how my mother would only prepare white rice. I never knew there was a thing such as brown or black colored rice while growing up. Brown rice and/or wild (black) rice are better to eat than white rice.

White Sugar (sucrose) is nitro-glycerin, or dynamite! This stuff will blow you up and away, especially your brain! Sugar is the number drug pushed on the planet. The first thing they give babies born in hospitals is sugar water; getting little babies hooked on sugar from day one. Better alternatives to white table sugar include maple syrup (or maple sugar), date sugar, fructose, agave nectar, vegetable glycerin, and stevia (herb).

White table salt (sodium chloride) contributes to high blood pressure like almost nothing else. This stuff is a poison – crude oil extract! It is derived from the process of drilling for oil (petroleum). Instead of disposing this toxin, it is refined, blended with 32 other chemical ingredients, placed in a box, and placed on super casket, oops, I mean “super market” shelves for the ignorant American people to purchase and consume. What a brilliant but insidious way to get rid of toxic waste that would otherwise cost millions of dollars to dispose of.

Pharmaceutical drugs are right behind salt in contributing to high blood pressure. Pharmaceutical drugs have the same reaction in the body as white table salt. It is very common for people who take numerous drugs to develop high blood pressure. Pharmaceutical drugs are poisonous! They are more poisonous than the drugs classified as “illegal.”

The reason why salt (and many pharmaceutical medications) causes high blood pressure is because the stuff is so toxic and poisonous that the Body Intelligence causes the blood flow to speed up for purposes of moving the toxins through the heart expeditiously so the toxins and poisons will not lodge in the heart.

This is how and why salt causes hypertension. But in that speeding up of the blood flow to protect the heart, the heart (which is already damaged in most people) has to work harder and is thus now stressed, which inevitably results in congested heart failure. Basically, the heart doesn’t fail; the person simply failed their heart (and body) but not giving the heart what it needed to. Organs have to eat too! Organs also have to be detoxified and cleansed too!

Why is the heart stressed in increasing the blood flow in cases of high blood pressure? Well, for one, HIGH CHOLESTEROL! Western humans are getting too much cholesterol in their diet and the only source of this cholesterol is from DEAD ANIMALS (their flesh and excreta, i.e. dairy).

Humans already have cholesterol and we don’t need any more than what we already have. But when we consume animal carcass (meat) and their excreta (dairy products, i.e. milk, butter, sour cream, ice cream, cheese, etc.) we are also getting extra cholesterol – the animal’s cholesterol (exo-cholesterol, meaning “endogenous cholesterol”), and this stuff clogs the arteries and impairs blood circulation via the arteries.

And add arterial plaque and mucus to the equation and now you’ve really complicated matters.

Now consider the average and typical African-American diet: hog maws, ham hock, pork chops, shit-lins (b/k/a chitterlings) which stink up the whole house; fried chicken, Rock Cornish hen, BBQ beef/pork ribs, meat loaf; steak, lamb chops; pig snout, pig tail, chicken gizzard, pig testicles, pig feet; pork sausage, fish (especially catfish, the worst kind of fish one could eat); salami, salt pork, bacon, bologna, liverwurst, hog head cheese, potted meat, sardines, tuna, etc.

Couple the above things with all the junk foods Americans, especially African-Americans, are eating nowadays: hamburgers, French fries (cooked in unhealthy oils); hot dogs, pastrami, tacos, pus-sa (b/k/a pizza), nachos, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, etc.

Remember this too: many of these so-called foods supra are cooked in very high temperatures with cheap and unhealthy oils that are solid at normal human body temperature (98.6 degrees), so they may be liquefied while heated during cooking, but think of how fast they will cool down and become solid again due to that ICE COLD beverage (soda pop, beer) you’re guzzling that fast food crap down with. These oils will become solid again but the only difference is they will become solid INSIDE your arteries, possibly setting you up for a case of arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

The above hits all Americans regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality. We are a fast food nation and it cannot be denied. . In 1971, there were an estimated 30,000 fast food restaurants in the U.S. In less than eight years, in 1979 there were an estimated 140,000 fast food restaurants.

Originally, there were not a lot of fast food restaurants in the Black community before the 1970s. There were a lot of mom and pop diners and cafes that sold soul good. It took about 30+ minutes to get your food. You actually had to wait a good while to get your food. Though it was soul food, it was prepared on the spot, and in most cases, it was cooked with good loving energy.

But in the mid-1970s, all of this changed. Greedy fast food corporations (McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, Burger King, etc.) began to really invade Black urban communities with only one thing in mind: PROFITS!

Fast food restaurants and commercial chain diners and cafes (i.e. Norms, Sizzlers, Bob’s Big Boy, etc.) began to replace the little independent mom and pop cafe and diner in the Black community.

As a little boy one of my favorite commercial chain restaurants my beloved mother used to take my siblings and I to was Sambo’s. I used to greatly like Sambo’s (their menu and colorful restaurants). But little did I know the history of Sambo, better known as “Little Black Sambo.”

I had no clue back then (nor did my mother) that Sambo had a very negative history with Black folks, a very racist one; and was also a pejorative term. As a boy, I never knew why Sambo’s eventually went out of business but I learned of the efforts of culturally conscious Black people to shut Sambo’s down due to its racial history pertaining to the character Little Black Sambo.

Black people in Northeastern states (i.e., Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia, New Hampshire, etc.) led the way in compelling Sambo’s Restaurants, Inc. to shut down, though ironically there were no Sambo’s restaurants in these Northeastern states. You found Sambo’s in mostly Western states in the U.S., like California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Montana, New Mexico, Iowa, and Texas. Florida and Illinois also had a few restaurants.

The Sambo’s character and icon was dark-skinned in the 1950s and 1960s, but was changed to a lighter skinned one in the 1970s due to the heat the restaurant chain was catching by African-Americans in addition to various lawsuits.

The owners of Sambo’s, Sam Battistone and Newhall Bonnett, knew the history of Little Black Sambo (though they denied knowing the true history), but instead of changing the name of the chain, they decided to capitalize on it. But Black people were more culturally conscious and unified back in the 1970s than they are today, and so in 1982, all but the original restaurant in Santa Barbara, California (which still operates today), ceased to exist. All 1,100+ Sambo’s nationwide closed their doors for good!

“An estimated 50 million Americans have high blood pressure. According to the U.S. Public Health Service, hypertension affects more than half of all Americans over the age of sixty-five. The percentage of the African-American population with high blood pressure is approximately one-third higher than that for whites. African-Americans between the ages of twenty-four and forty-four are eighteen times more likely than whites to develop kidney failure due to hypertension.” – James F. Balch, M.D.

Why are Black Americans more prone to developing high blood pressure than Whites in the U.S.? Well, it’s because they eat and do more of the things that lead to the disease. Soul food is a big factor here too. Blacks are really no more different than White people in the U.S. in terms of insalubrious eating and lifestyle.

A lot of White Americans enjoy eating soul food, leaving suburbia to travel to inner cities and the outskirts of the inner city for some good ole soul food at joints like M&M’s, Harold’s Chicken, Boulevard Cafe, Aunt Kizzie’s Back Porch, and Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles.

Following the tradition of cheap Chinese food restaurants in Black communities which advertise their food for $1, Blacks also have started opening up cheap soul food restaurants. Here in Los Angeles, we have quite a few $1 Soul Food joints. However, I must give props to the new vegan soul food restaurant that just opened up here in Los Angeles, Soul Vegetarian, located at 4067 Pico Blvd., Los Angeles.

Like Soul Vegetarian, our now defunct group based in Los Angeles, “Conscious Minds” used to also prepare vegan-based soul food, which was soul food prepared from healthier alternatives and organic vegetables, beans, legumes, etc. I was inspired myself to delve into vegan-based soul food from the conscious rap group, Dead Prez, back in 2001.

Like blood clots, high blood pressure is known as a silent killer. “In 1990, nearly 33,000 Americans died of hypertension-related disease other than heart attack and stroke.” Balch supra.

Risk factors for high blood pressure include but is not limited to: STRESS, cigarette smoking, OBESITY, pharmaceutical drug use; HIGH SODIUM consumption, oral contraceptive use, stimulants; and EXCESSIVE meat and dairy consumption.


Greatly modify the diet. Cut out or greatly cut back on meat and dairy products. Give mock meats, i.e. seitan, Gardein, soy/tempeh a try. And there are plenty of dairy-free dairy alternatives available today.

Remember, these are only transitional products to help you make the switch from carnivore to vegetarian or vegan. We list these alternatives (via brand name and website address) in our Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual available at DjehutyMaatraHerbs.com.

Eliminate refined grains from the diet. Eat only whole-wheat grains.

Reduce consumption of refined starches. Bake your starches instead of frying them.

Cut out or greatly cut back on drinking acidic beverages (i.e. soda pop, beer, wine, coffee, lattes, milk, etc.). Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily (to help flush the body).

Eat more vegetables (preferably organic) – raw or steamed is best! Drink vegetable juice periodic (helps to wash away arterial plaque).

Eat more raw, whole fruits (preferably organic) and drink fruit juice (especially blueberry juice). I personally highly recommend the vegan version of the fruit-based drink ‘Mona Vie’, an awesome and delicious-tasting health drink.

Consider going Vegan! The Vegan diet is a great alternative to the SAD (Standard American Diet) or the traditional African-American soul food diet.

Season your food with Sea Salt (use half of what calls for salt in a recipe, for example, if a recipe calls for one teaspoon of salt, you would use just half a teaspoon of Sea Salt ). Herbal seasonings are great alternatives to salt-based ones. Herbamere brand seasoning is my personal favorite. You can find it at good health food stores.

Avoid cooking with unhealthy oils such as lard (pig juice/oil), vegetable oil, corn oil, soy oil, canola oil, and kernal oil. Better oils to cook with include olive oil, grape seed oil, safflower oil, and sunflower seed oil, but only for low temperature cooking, like sauteing. It is actually best and better to bake your food than to fry it. This way, you don’t require all that oil to fry with.

If you smoke (a very unwise thing to do), consider quitting.

As far as alcohol consumption, cut out or cut back this habit or action.

Start to move! EXERCISE or stretch! Get into yoga, tai chi, qi chong, pilates, walk a few miles, perform deep breathing.

Get periodic colonics! Perform enemas (weekly or bi-weekly). Perform frequent foot ionization detoxification baths.

Get deep tissue, myofascial, and lymphatic drainage massages performed monthly.

Visit a chiropractic regularly for maintenance purposes.

Have acupressure performed periodically.

Get your chakras balanced as often as you can! Have your aura photographed 2-4 times per year. Your aura tells you everything you need to know about yourself on a vibrational level. Having your aura photographed at least once annually compliments having a yearly physical check up. In the Los Angeles area, for aura photography (only $40), contact Tracy Southern @ 909.964.3154 or e-mail @ tlsouthern@verizon.net.

Look for herbal-based alternatives to all of your poisonous pharmaceutical drugs you may be presently taking. No part of your body is made up from any drug you may be taking so how can you expect to heal from taking foreign substances? You are merely playing with and risking your health and your life, for that matter. There is an herbal alternative to every drug you may be taking.

Individual herbs that can help in the healing of high blood pressure include Cayenne, Butcher’s Broom, Cinnamon, Glucomannan, Hawthorn Berries, Motherwort, and European Mistletoe to name a few.

As far as the herbs Licorice Root and Yohimbe bark go pertaining to high blood pressure, I am not one of those herbalists who blanketly tell people to avoid these herbs. The problem is not these herbs, but what’s already in the body (i.e. man-made stimulants) of certain people that causes the problem.

Now certain people may not want to take these herbs (individually) because of their condition and/or state of their body; but if Licorice or Yohimbe is one of many ingredients in a formula or product, there’s nothing to worry about as herbs balance one another out.

I would only avoid herbal stimulants if I were abstaining from all stimulants due to a specific health condition I was addressing. But once the body is clean (purified), the overwhelming majority of therapeutic herbs are good to use, including natural stimulants, i.e. Kola Nut, Green Tea, Guarana, Yerba Mate, and Ephedra (do not confuse with “Ephedrine” which most people did and do due to blindly trusting the media).

Ephedra or Ma Huang is not a dangerous herb! It has been banned to prevent people from having a natural stimulant available that is safer and cheaper than drugs (illegal drugs, stimulants).

Banning Ephedra was 100% political! Ephedra the herb (plant) was not the culprit in weight loss formulas that was harming people in the late 1990s and early 2000’s, but an isolated alkaloid (and in most cases, a synthetic chemical) called “ephedrine.” The suffix “ine” means: “resembling in nature” and thus ephedrine (a drug, isolated alkaloid) resembled in nature, ephedra (a plant).

Ask yourself this, why would government (FDA) ban Ephedra but not aspirin that kill a reported 25,000 people per year? Ephedra the herb has never killed anyone, but yet, it is banned and erroneously banned because of “ephedrine.”

And no, I would not take herbal stimulants every day of my life. The body only needs external stimulants when there is an imbalance (obstruction, deficiency, etc.) in the body. Other than an imbalance, humans do not require stimulants (though humans really don’t need stimulants in the case of an imbalance as everything can be healed via the mind alone).

DjehutyMaatraHerbs.com formulas/products that can assist in healing high blood pressure include Full Body Detox, Pancreas Cleanse; Cardio-Vascular Formula, Circul-Aid Formula, Intestinal Janitor, Bowel Mover, Mucus Buster Formula, Vitamin C Formula, and Activated Charcoal.

With our line of products, I suggest people begin with the Full Body Detox in beginning the physical aspect of their healing process.

In closing, please read our other articles pertaining to high blood pressure symptoms. We have articles on cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, high cholesterol, etc.

Thank you for reading!