A constant email inquiry I receive is “Are there any problems that will help my child develop faster?”

This question is usually the result of hearing about a slowly developing child from the mouth of some teacher, doctor, or medical specialist who is still operating from an old and outdated paradigm that states that all children should develop at the same rate which is so unfair to each individual child because we all develop at our own pace in life.

We’re all here for very different reasons and different life purposes so we develop at a pace conducive to what we need for purposes of our life lessons and life work. We should not be compared to others who may have a totally different life purpose and totally different life lessons to learn. This does a great disservice and injustice.

It unfairly and unjustly puts pressure on children as well as their parents (who are in most cases very ignorant and unconscious) when you lump everyone together and then say, that by this particular age, every child should be able to do this and do that.

And just because a thing is the norm (normal) does not mean that it is natural. Every child, just like every person, is unique and that uniqueness should be respected. Differences should be respected as well as understood for purposes of tolerance.

Many of these children that are said to be slow in some respect and regard to development, i.e. motor skills, speech, physical ability, stimuli, etc. are actually very gifted children, perhaps light-workers (Ruby children, Komasan, Sirian, Rainbow, Crystal, or Indigo) as well as Quaquaversals (black sheep, free thinkers, visionaries, etc.).

These children are not here for an old world paradigm. They are not here to serve as spark plugs for the Matrix or to fuel the Matrix as is the case with the majority of people (including children, who will grow up as Unilinears – people who don’t think for themselves, conformists, straight line walkers, sheep, slaves, etc.).

In many cases, these unique children are not missing anything, including certain nutrients, as far as their assumed or alleged retarded development (especially if they are getting basic nutritional requirements met), regardless of what that development may be. They just need to be left alone so as to develop at their own unique rate.

If they are to be given anything, they should only be given things (i.e. nutrients) that are required for maintenance and sustainability of health and to prevent degenerative disease; and/or should only be given special medicinal tools (i.e. herbs – entheogenic herbs) that foster development of the inner self and creative abilities or 3rd eye (6th chakra) attributes.

This same thing is applicable to everyone as we all require nutrients to maintain and sustain human health.

It is wrong to assume that there is some product (herbal or chemical) that can help these children to accelerate their development, i.e. talking or speech.

While some children are lacking in vital nutrients and thus are retarded in growth and development, usually neurologically and anatomically, it is not the case for all children.

In closing, give a child some time to develop at his or her own pace, and as a parent keep a positive mental attitude. Believe in the best for your child and situations affecting you and your child (or children).

If a doctor or medical specialist told you that your child is developing too slow, be sure to get a second and third opinion, and if you can, get the extra opinions from different modalities (not just allopathy), i.e. naturopathy, vibrational healing/medicine, etc.

In a lot of cases, some children develop slowly so as to take off later on in life, such as myself. Other children start off fast only to slow down later on in life and end up a typical Unilinear.

Like is said, the race doesn’t go to the swift, but to those who can endure to the end.

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