Women are sick today because they are disconnected from the Source. Physical disease is nothing but an outward manifestation of an internal injury or wound. When the physical reality becomes disconnected from the spiritual reality, disconnection is the result and that disconnection is manifested by disease, injury and pain. This is what is being experienced on the planet today by all peoples, males and females alike.

In aspiring for the material values of life too excessively, your cord that is connected to the spiritual AC/DC outlet is pulled on too tightly and if you keep going in the direction of materiality, your cord eventually becomes disconnected from the Source (God/Universe) and then you suffer or experience breakdown. You have no more energy for your True Self. You are disconnected. You have no more power or will (force). You have exhausted pursuing the material values of the world.

The material aspect of the world is only one part of the polarity. So when you are stuck in the material part of the polarity, you are caught in polarity paralysis. This is dangerous because the opposite of this polarity is spirituality, but because people are already at the extreme of one side of the pole or polar, the pendulum swing will move fast to the other side of the polarity which is spirituality, but because people mistake religion for spirituality, these people who have experienced polarity paralysis (burnout, life force drain, letdown) on the material side of the pole, will quickly run or move to the opposite side of the pole and fast and they will join some religion under the guise of finding their soul and cultivating their spirituality and will become extreme as religious adherents.

This happens all the time in this country, mostly with the so-called successful people. These people rise quickly to the top of the American sludge-filled sewer at the cost of their soul, spirituality and health which leads to emptiness or an empty feeling internally. At first, in order to numb this emptiness, these people turn to drugs and opiates, sex, or eating, and even shopping. This usually becomes an addiction. Addiction is a sign of spiritual void or internal void.

Then after experiencing polarity paralysis on the other side of the pole, the lucky ones (free thinkers) who experience the same internal empty feeling while being involved in religion, will make the move to the middle of the pole and find balance (homeostasis) which is the key.

Extremes are no good and are very dangerous. You don’t want to be a health nut nor do you want to be a sickling. You want to be healthy, balanced, stable – “in the middle” as Sister India Arie sings/says.

Well, women have become disconnected from their inner Goddess nature and essence. They blindly sacrificed and surrendered this nature and essence in pursuing male-dominated and created materialism. You see, our world or society is male dominated. It is saturated and crawling with excess male energy – testosterone energy, so when a woman wants to integrate into this male dominated society, she has to sacrifice her estrogenic energy in exchange for masculine or testosterone energy. In essence, she almost has to become a male and take on male characteristics and attributes, i.e. aggressiveness, power-driven-ness, ego-centric, assertiveness, etc.

It is common today in soulless Corporate America to see females wearing men’s suits and ties (a symbolic item that points down to the male genital or penis which is a status symbol of power) and even wearing men’s dress shoes. A lot of these females even walk like males with the natural feminine energy rising from the hips to the shoulders, where males carry their energy. A lot of females have serious tension in their shoulders and don’t really know why. Stress causes tension and tension is stored in the tissue of the shoulders.

Now metaphysically when you deal with the cause or origin of shoulder problems, especially for women, you find that these females are “shouldering” too much responsibility. The shoulders also denote “self-esteem” as well as the expression of love like the arms and the heart. Other problems with the shoulders may indicate “feeling that one’s responsibilities are a burden”, “shouldering” a false sense of responsibility,” “carrying the weight of someone else’s expectations or demands,” “withholding the expression of love,” “tension and stress,” “fear of expressing oneself,” and “insecurity or lack of self-esteem.”

You see, all physical disease, pain and injury result from mental and emotional pain and injury and the unlike the Western allopathic doctor, the natural healer and metaphysician goes to the root cause of the problem or disorder for the root of a thing is the life or conception of a thing and this has always been the philosophy of Djehuty Ma’at-Ra.

In the workforce and American social life in particular, females are shouldering way too much responsibility today that negatively impacts the female constitution and reproductive system.

Nervous tension is high and running rampant in American females today. Their nerves are bad. Just listen to them complain – somebody or something is always “getting on their nerves” or “getting on their last nerve.” You know, after your “last nerve” is breakdown and many a woman has cracked up and ended up seeking psychiatric care. This happened to my beloved mother back in 1982. Even as a little boy I knew my mother was carrying too much responsibility for both sides of the family. She was the smartest person out of all members of both sides of the family put together. Every single problem resulted in a phone call to the Cooper household and nine times out of ten, someone wanted to speak to Bonnie Cooper. And because we were Black people or African-American, in most cases the phone call was in regards to some negatively. We rarely got phone calls of good news. In my early youth days, a phone call received late at night or in the wee hours of the night usually meant bad news like someone being killed (shot, commission of suicide) or imprisoned.

To this very day, my siblings will call very late at night or very early in the morning to tell me some familial bad news usually about a family member dying or passing away. The phone call goes like this: “Hey Djehuty (or Jabir), this is Michael (or Michelle). I’m sorry for calling this man so late at night or early in the morning, but did you hear the news? Aunt Terry killed herself last night, or, Uncle Arthur Lee passed last night from cancer.”

Now personally, I be pissed off or mad as hell because I’m like Mabel King in the 1979 movie musical “The Wiz”: “Don’t nobody bring me no bad news!” I ask my siblings this question: “What time did so and so pass away or die?” They will say around 7 P.M. or 9 P.M. Then I tell them: “If so and so died yesterday or last night at 9 P.M., don’t you think they will be dead come 9 o’clock this morning? There’s silence on the phone and you can hear their dumbfounded-ness. In other others, don’t disrupt my sleep to tell me a family member died. What can I do? A man or woman dead at 9 P.M. will be dead at 9 A.M. the next day. What’s the rush to tell bad news?

Yes, this is Djehuty Ma’at-Ra and how I am and I don’t give a damn what anybody thinks! Don’t call me with no bad news and I mean that! I live in peace! After all, what in the hell did you expect from this deceased person considering how they lived their life? They ate crazy, lived crazy, had no purpose in life, etc. Yes, they were “good” deep down inside, but life requires more than being good deep down inside.

You have to bring good to the surface and let it manifest. I’m sorry, but I’m real like that! I really don’t have to know who died because I also don’t attend funerals. Black funerals are redundant and too depressing thanks to all the females crying and the singing of all those sad gospel songs. And then after the funeral, you go to someone’s house and eat the same food that killed the person whose funeral you just attended (unless the person was shot or committed suicide).

Why are so many women so constipated?

Many women are digesting too much information (usually at work or in school/college) in the colons of their minds which results in poor digestion in the stomach which in turn leads to constipation (blockage) in the lower or physical colon. Most of the information women are digesting today that causes their mental constipation is “full of shit” and pursuant to the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence, “As below, so above; as above, so below”, so physically speaking, when you’re constipated, you’re literally “full of shit” and you need a catharsis to evacuate all the crud and crap matter.

Djehuty, why do you say what women are digesting today is “full of shit”? Hell, do you have eyes to see as the Biblical character Jesus would say? The information can’t be good or beneficial because look at the overall condition of women. This information predicated upon pseudo intellectualism is not making women healthier and/or happier. It’s not improving their overall condition of life. Women are sicker today in the Age of Information than any other time in the history of the world (including the European Medieval Dark Ages). You got more information, but more diseases! Something isn’t right here! You are bringing in more “income” than ever before, but you are manifesting more female pathologies than ever before.

Many women profess to know God and/or have a relationship with God, but God has no law of disease. How can you know or be one with God and sick at the same time? We all get sick, but chronic sickness? I mean, having diabetes for 7, 10, 12, 15, and 20 years? That’s chronic (and not the chronic Dr. Dre talks about, i.e. weed/marijuana). That’­s chronic as in a long damn time, i.e. SUFFERING!

You’ve been suffering for 5, 7, 10 or more years with a disease and God has not yet revealed a remedy or healing to you? And yes, every sickness is an experience and has something to teach us, but damn, how long must one suffer to learn the lesson, and if you end up dying from the disease as most people do, how in the hell can you learn the lesson?

Why are so many women, especially African-American women, so obese?

Women eat too much to numb their emotions and what they are eating is laced with Sugar and animal fat, and excess Sugar in the body converts to fat which would normally be burnt off via movement, but because of sedentary life (death) styles, the fat stays in and on the body and shifts to the female fatty reserves (breasts, belly, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms), so now, in the words of rapper L.L. Cool J – Brenda got a big ole butt, Lisa got a big ole butt, Tamika got a big ole butt, Shawn got a big ole butt!

Obesity is the physical manifestation of the attempt to numb the emotions. The late Osho sums it up best with the following words:

“You may have observed it: if you are in a very loving and flowing relationship you will not eat too much, you will never need to diet. Love fills you so much that there is no need to go on stuffing yourself with all kinds of junk. If there is no love you feel so empty. That emptiness hurts, you want to fill it with something. And why do you choose food? – because love and food are associated psychologically.

The child got both food and love from the mother’s breasts simultaneously. Whenever the mother was loving she was willing to give her breasts to him, and whenever she was not loving, angry, she used to pull the breast away from him. And the mother’s breast was the first contact with another’s body.

Why do all painters, great painters of the world, go on painting the breasts? Somewhere they have been deprived, somewhere the mother was not loving. And more or less every child has been taken off the breast before his time. Only in aboriginal societies is the child given the mother’s breast as long as he wants; and those are the only societies where nobody are obsessed with breasts. They don’t have any paintings of breasts, they don’t have any sculptures of breasts, they don’t have any poetry, no songs, nothing. The breast does not enter their imagination at all. Because of the breast, love and food become associated deep down in the mind. So whenever you are not being loved you start eating, stuffing yourself. When you are loved that stuffing disappears by itself, there is no need.

Love is such a nourishment, such a subtle, invisible nourishment, that who bothers chewing gum? I cannot believe that human beings are chewing gum. Has the whole earth gone mad? Chewing gum cannot give you any nourishment, but it must be doing something, something psychological. Perhaps it is a breast substitute, that you go on using your mouth.” – From Medication to Meditation (1994), pgs. 146-147

Osho spoke a lot of truth! However, in modern American society, obesity is linked to excess sugar consumption, and psychologically, sugar is linked to love or sweetness, and most women today are not being truly or genuinely loved. Life is not sweet. They are not getting enough “sugah” or “sugar” in their lives, especially from their male counterparts, on the job, in society, etc. Even in their relationships based upon pseudo-love, it is a “love” that comes with abuse and assault, deception, infidelity (affairs/adultery), etc., that’s why I say pseudo-love because you can’t get these negative things from genuine and true love. In many cases it’s delusional love – the need to be attached to someone else at any cost.

Due to the lack of sugar or sweetness (love, compassion) in their daily lives, American women are seeking out synthetic variations of sweetness that are very harmful to their health. Many women are quick to consume Equal, NutraSweet, or outright Aspartame and/or saccharine which both cause cancer, but women don’t care, most of them, they just want something sweet – the coffee, the beverage, or whatever. They just want the sugar (synthetic love). So affection is being replaced with confectionaries (candy).

Why are so many women suffering from excess headaches today?

Because their minds ache due to too much stress (mental pain and anguish). Headaches deal with constriction of blood vessels – blockages, and because of the law of correspondence, we can trace this upper blockage to a lower blockage in the colon. Drinking lots of water and having a bowel movement usually brings 50-75% relief to headaches. As constipation taxes the colon, mental stress and tension taxes the brain. Improvement of chi (energy) and good circulation balanced with being regular in regards to your bowels can help prevent headaches. And the biggest culprit of all – stress/tension, must be avoided at all costs, so if you are in a relationship or working a job that you know is stressful and you see no improvements possible, you really need to develop a plan to exit. How can you make a living while killing yourself at the same time?

Why do so many women have Candida (yeast infection)?

In the word Candida is “candi” (candy) which equates to “sweet” which equates to “sugar” and what does yeast thrive in? SUGAR! Remember, sugar connects to sweetness of life, emotionally and psychologically speaking. Plus, what is used in bread and pastries to make them rise? YEAST! Yeast is a leavening agent. And considering the fact that yeast is capable of fermenting carbohydrates, yeast is a fermenting agent so fermentation also plays a role in yeast infestation or infection.

And yeast is not only found in the vagina, but the colon and blood as well (called systemic yeast).

Why do so many women’s hair fallout?

Answer: Because they have tortured it for decades, frying it, perming, tinting it, dying it and doing everything else under the sun to it! The chemicals in the hair products are very caustic, but the women could care less. They got to look good, beautiful; after all, hair is a woman’s crowning glory. However, I must add this in regards to hair fallout: if the hair falls out of the head, it’s a sign of a deficient hormonal system with an emphasis placed on the female reproductive system, the ovaries in particular. Split ends denote degenerating ovaries.

Why do so many women have fibroid tumors?

Answer: Because the body has to collect all the crap (especially mucus) that is stored in the body or else the body will fail from toxic overload. Tumors are nothing but internal trash bags or pockets that hold waste byproduct from all the crap eaten. Dairy products (cow pus and mucus) are the greatest culprit in cases of fibroid tumors. Doctors will remove the tumors via surgery but will unwisely leave the environment that fosters fibroid tumors in the body. The physical toxic waste contained in fibroid tumors is the manifestation of emotional, mental, and psychological waste stored in the body. When a woman holds on to toxic thoughts and emotions, these toxic thoughts and emotions will sooner or later manifest physically. Doctors call them fibroid tumors!

Why do many women have Vaginal Discharge?

A lot of women are so toxic that the vagina has become an eliminative channel to release waste from the body. If waste can’t come out via the rectum or the urinary tract, the body intelligence will use the vagina to eliminate the waste. The discharge is usually foul smelling due to the rottenness and decay of the putrefied matter stored in the body in the female reproductive chamber – the meat (slaughtered animal flesh), cheese, ice cream, chocolate, pasta, cakes, doughnuts, cookies, potato chips, bread, sardines, etc.

Vaginal Discharge is mainly mucus dispelled from the vagina.

Why do so many women have back pain and/or problems?

Metaphysically speaking, the back denotes strength, stability, uprightness, and determination in body, mind, and spirit, support, self-esteem and responsibility, and considering that many women are single mothers and don’t have the necessary male support in their lives, many women feel their “back is against the wall.” Yes, back problems originate on the emotional level from feelings such as lack of emotional support and/or personal strength, carrying too much responsibility, depending too much on others for support; and carrying the “heavy burden” of one’s own negative and materialistic thoughts. Also, repressed feelings and fear can manifest as pain, tension, or discomfort in the back and spine (“holding back”) and lower-back pain may indicate repressed sexuality, anger, and/or financial worries.

Women talk the talk of the statement of “Let go and let God!”, but they better start putting this profound saying or phrase to work via some actions. You have to TRY GOD! Be ye not hearers of the word, but DOERS!

What good is going to church and hearing about the powers of Jesus if you cannot manifest the powers of Jesus in your own and daily life (if you are a Christian woman)? According to Scripture, Jesus himself said: “Greater works than I do shall ye do!” But you know most Christians don’t believe this, just look at their actions and the condition of this Christian nation. Satan got America on lock down and nobody can refute my saying this.

Why do so many women suffer from heart disease!

Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans and it is befitting considering the health of the heart, on many levels. Most people really do have good hearts, mainly women, but many hearts or heart centers have shut down and hurt is the number one reason for this. Many a women’s heart is damaged, i.e. “a broken heart” or “broken-hearted.” Usually some man or male caused the damage. When you shut the heart down in an attempt to protect yourself from hurt, this emotional constriction results in a physical constriction (of the blood vessels in the heart), i.e., poor blood pressure (or high blood pressure). High blood pressure means the blood pressure is high due to constriction of the blood vessels so the heart has to work faster and harder to get blood to flow. This activity taxes the heart.

Now when you harden up your heart emotionally speaking, you have just spun into effect the physical manifestation of hardening up your arteries (that are connected to your heart), hence, arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is a medical condition or pathology that basically means “hardening of the arteries”, from the Greek word arteria meaning “arteries” and Sklerosis meaning “hardening.” Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 3rd ed., pg. 94

In addition, hardening up the heart makes the heart heavy, i.e., a “heavy heart.”

Many women suffer from angina pectoris, a stinging pain in the heart. When your heart has been pained or hurt, emotionally speaking, the emotional hurt or pain stores in the tissues of the heart and can manifest as physical heart pain that doctors call angina.

Metaphysically speaking, the heart is the seat of our true inner-self, the doorway of spiritual illumination, the center through which we express our capacity for deep feeling, nurturing, unconditional love, affection, forgiveness, compassion and sensitivity for oneself, others, and life. Our fears of being hurt, insecurity, feeling unloved, broken-hearted, arrogance, insensitivity, intolerance, misplaced affections and desires; long-held hurt, bitterness, anger, hostility, rage, excessive anxiety and stress, heavy-heartedness, resentment, and lack of forgiveness can block the flow of vitality in the heart area.

There a lot of unhealthy hearts in America, a lot of hurt, injured and damaged hearts. But believe it or not, hurt is actually good for the heart because you can’t know love without knowing pain/hurt. Pain causes the heart to evolve, to blossom. Pain also leads to hate in many women. While hate is detrimental to the body, however, it is simply one extreme of the polarity. Hate and love are the same thing in nature or essence, simply differing in degrees, just like ice and steam, both of which are water but differing at degrees (or temperature). That’s why there’s such a thin line between love and hate, because they are in essence the same thing. Duality exists in all things. This is Universal Law!

Love is the best elixir for a healthy heart and the best mendicant for a broken heart. Like John Travolta’s character in the movie “Michael” was singing in the backseat of the car: “All you need is love!”

Why do so many women have spontaneous abortions?

When a woman or girl has an abortion, which is legalized infanticide, this programs the cervical software to weaken and to not hold in the embryo inside the uterus. The more abortions, the weaker the cervix! So after a few abortions, the programming is set, so when pregnancy occurs, the uterine intelligence does not wait on the brain or cranial intelligence to decide to have a surgical abortion, the uterus in conjunction with the cervix decides to have an abortion, they just don’t communicate this decision to the mind or brain, so to the woman or girl, the abortion just happens spontaneously, hence, spontaneous abortion. You see, the uterus and cervix just like all other organs are like the brain, they are thinking organs and can be programmed. Having an abortion is uterine and cervical programming.

Why do so many women have or develop breast cancer?

Metaphysically, the female breasts denote nurturing, giving, love and mothering. Breasts are strongly connected to a woman’s self-image, feelings about her own femininity, and issues related to motherhood. The emotional origins of breast problems in general and Breast Cancer in particular stem from issues of over-mothering, unwilling to provide nourishment or nurturing (physically or emotionally); frustrated desires related to child birthing; overly forceful attitudes; feelings of inadequacies as a woman; failing to express one’s true feelings (“not being able to get things of one’s chest”), and feeling misjudged and/or misunderstood (not respected).

Physically speaking, the biggest causes of Breast Cancer are: wearing wire-laced bras and using antiperspirant. The breasts are a major area of lymphatic activity. On the outskirts of the breasts and under the arms (armpits) are lymph node sites. Lymph nodes are ducts that secrete toxic waste from the body. When a woman or girl wears a tight bra, especially a wire-laced or strapped bra, the tightness of the bra stymies and constricts lymph flow activity or circulation. This is very dangerous! Instead of the toxins being removed from the breast area via the lymphatic flow, the tightness of the bra traps and restrains the toxins in the chest or breasts area. Now when coupled to this activity by the use of antiperspirant which allows harmful chemicals to enter into the body via the lymph nodes located at the armpits, you have the perfect formula for the physical manifestation of breast cancer that originated from negative thoughts and emotions.

Antiperspirants work by irritating the skin to cause an inflammatory reaction accompanied by swelling and expansion of the cells around the sweat duct and its opening causing it to shrink which in effect reduces the amount of sweat that can get to the surface of the skin.

Antiperspirants are used for purposes of preventing body odor which is caused by breakdown of sweat by bacteria. However, sweat does not normally smell foul. The foul smell is the result of what is eaten and stored in the human body, which is a walking graveyard if you eat meat, which along with dairy products, creates the greatest stench in the body. So instead of changing the diet, Americans have been duped into masking the stench or foul smell that is emitted from the armpits with deodorant and antiperspirant.

In case you didn’t know, perspiration is a NATURAL body function so to go against nature (with the use of an antiperspirant) is a SIN (violation of Natural law).

The breasts are living glands! They need to breathe, they need oxygen; they need nourishment; they need attention and care.

Why do so many women suffer from PMS?

Post Menstrual Syndrome is a pathology associated with the menstrual cycle, which is a normal function, but is wholly unnatural in nature or essence. The female body intelligence initiated the menstrual cycle as a means to help women/females to eliminate excess toxins in the body and nowadays, mainly toxins stored in the female reproductive area or chamber.

Because the menstrual cycle is not reciprocal in nature and function, as it takes away from the body (nutrients/minerals) and gives absolutely nothing in exchange or return, the inability to replace what is used or what goes out of the body as a result of the menses is the major cause of PMS. Before and during the actual menstruation, the body begins to steal or leach vital nutrients from other parts of the body to assist in the unnatural menses process.

This causes a host of problems in other areas of the body. The leaching of calcium, Nature’s calmative or antidepressant, from the nervous center causes mood swings and mental irritability. The leaching of Iodine from the thyroid gland causes weight fluctuation. The leaching of potassium from the brain and nerves causes nerve problems (“You’re getting on my nerves!”); the leaching of magnesium causes headaches; the leaching of iron causes weakness and poor brain functioning (concentration, clarity, mental acuity, etc.) due to lack of oxygen.

Numerous minerals are leached from other areas and organs of the body to strengthen the womb area and to assist in the menstrual process. However, because of inadequate and deficient diet, women/girls are not replacing lost nutrients, most of which can be replaced by eating raw foods (fruits, vegetables/herbs, seeds and nuts) and crystal therapy (absorbing nutrients via stones and the stone’s ability to enhance absorption and production of minerals, which is a reflection of the Higher Self’s ability to do the same thing).

A lot of women crave chocolate (laced with cow snot/pus and rat feces) during their menses due to the synthetic endorphins and opiates put in chocolate. These endorphins/opiates reduce the intensity of pain associated with the menses in many women/females. Most of this pain is spasmodic in nature and due to the pressing against of nerves in the female reproductive chamber and colon which are adjacent to one another.

Menstrual spasms are greatly predicated upon gas or gases contained in gas pockets lodged in the hardened feces in the colon, many of which are released during the menses. Many women have serious flatulence (gas) during this time of the month but it is the body’s attempt to release old crap and to cleanse itself.

The monthly female menses is very taxing on a woman/girl’s body. How could hemorrhaging not tax the body? It is not natural to lose the vital life essence fluid on a monthly basis. The exit of blood (fluid) from the body means the exit of chi (energy) or vital life force out of the body as well.

Why do so many women have menstrual complaints?

Menstrual complaints are a reflection of the unnaturalness of the menstrual cycle itself. When the body is taxed, it has to strain or work harder to maintain its integrity. When the body works harder, more nutrients are utilized and when more nutrients are utilized but are not replaced, complaints result. In law, a complaint is a statement that details some injury suffered.

Menstrual complaints simply denote that the female body is injured or damaged and that relief is requested. But most women/girls in America are seriously blind and ignorant to their own needs and to their own detriment due to societal, religious, and academic/educational programming.

If women/girls start giving their body what it needs on a consistent basis (nutrients, oxygen, hormonal precursors/food, love, attention/care), stop eating meat, dairy, complex starches, and junk food/beverage alone, and start respecting the Immutable Hermetic Principles/Laws of Gender (pertaining to the feminine principle), they would not suffer or to the degree they are suffering from presently – guaranteed!

These commercial brand feminine sanitary products should be avoided at all cost. They are dangerous to the female vaginal orifice and reproductive system. These products (pads and napkins) are bleached in dioxin, a form of organo-chlorine (which was used to deforest trees in Vietnam during the Vietnam War) and industrial leftover product from the 1950’s, that when placed into contact with the vaginal orifice, leaches harmful fumes/gases into the reproductive tract that mimic estrogenic hormones (estrone and estradiol) that latch on to estrogen receptor sites and proliferate (causing tumors to develop).

And we can’­t forget that harmful chemicals such as asbestos are used in many of these brands and what does asbestos do in regards to the menses? It makes a woman/girl bleed more, so the more a woman/girl bleeds, the more pads/napkins needed, and the more pads/napkins bought, the more money spent, and the more money spent, the more profit for the feminine hygiene industrial complex (owned by men, wealthy white males to be exact).

Why are so many women infertile?

A lot of American women are infertile today. Yes, the very basic function of reproduction has become a challenge. Part of the problem is due to the misuse of sex and the sexual organs. Unlike animals, humans don’t have or acknowledge a mating season. After all, there is a season for everything, including reproduction.

Of course diet plays a large role. Look at all the infertile so-called foods women eat today. Those white chicken eggs are white in color because they are infertile. They won’t hatch in an incubator. Chicken eggs are naturally brown. However, chicken eggs (ovum) are NOT human food!

Look at all the seedless fruit consumed today! Seedless watermelon, seedless grapes, seedless raisins, seedless oranges, etc. You are what you eat! Seedless fruit is infertile fruit. For the Christian woman, in Genesis 1:29, God instructed you to eat fruit containing seeds, so why are you eating seedless fruit? This is not being obedient to a divine command.

And because of all the acidic and mucus forming so-called foods and beverages women are consuming today, the vagina is overly acidic today and the male sperm cannot survive in this hostile environment. This acid condition is killing the poor sperm.

Also, the mucus clogs the fallopian tubes. Many women can’t get pregnant because the fallopian tubes have become full of hardened boogers that even rapper Kurtis Blow’s “Super Sperm” can’t penetrate.

Doctors charge women thousands of dollars to perform a surgery that entails opening the fallopian tube at the part connecting it to the uterus and injecting the sperm into the uterus and then sewing the fallopian tube back up and leaving the hardened snot/boogers intact.

Metaphysically-speaking, infertility denotes a feeling of a non-fruitful and/or productive life; inability; lack of creativity or creative power; fear of not being able to hold “seed” or the “fruit of the womb”; inability to produce/create; a feeling of guilt (too many abortions, misuse of sex and the sexual orifice for recreational sex over pro-creational sex); not being worthy of motherhood.

Why do some women have hairs growing above the lips and on their chest?

Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for hair growth above the lips and on the chest. Men have an abundance of testosterone whereas women have an abundance of estrogen. Women with hair on or in these areas suffer from hormonal imbalance – too much testosterone! A hormonal imbalance predicated upon too much progesterone will result in excess production of testosterone.

Why do so many women suffer from osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease indicative of American women, especially white women. Women with osteoporosis have weak or fragile bones and this is due to lack of calcium in the body. Calcium is the most alkaline mineral in the body. Because a lot of women (mainly white women) like to drink effervescent beverages such as Cola, the acidity of these beverages causes excess acidosis in the kidneys and therefore, the body intelligence steals or robs calcium from the bones (due to its high alkalinity) and sends it to the kidneys to give some base or pH balance to the kidneys so as to prevent death via kidney failure. You have to be insane to drink soda beverages. In fact, most of your soda pops were created by pharmacists and initially contained drugs. Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine. 7-Up had seven ingredients with the seventh ingredient being lithium which was used to fight depression. 7-Up was used as a drug in sanitariums and insane asylums to “uplift” the spirit, hence, 7-Up, seven ingredients to “uplift the spirits” and giving one an “upper” effect.

When I was a youngster growing up in South Los Angeles and Watts, California, back in the 1970’s, when my cousins and I would buy different brand soda pops and mix them all together, we’d call the mixture a “suicide.” This was no accident that this term found its way into urban communities, because when you consider the fact that soda pops were originally drugs, suicide is the result when you mix and consume a mixture of drugs.

You also have to remember the high phosphoric acid content of soda pop. This stuff eats away your bones and your enamel on your teeth. This stuff is highly corrosive. Most soda pops are sweetened artificially with cancer-causing agents such as saccharine and/or aspartame, which converts into formaldehyde once inside the human body and formaldehyde is a neurotoxin, it eats up your brain, plain and simple!

Why do some women, mainly white women, suffer from anorexia and/or bulimia?

Both anorexia nervosa and bulimia are psychoneurotic disorders. Anorexia nervosa is a disorder characterized by a prolonged refusal to eat, resulting in emaciation, amenorrhea, emotional disturbance concerning body image, and an abnormal fear of becoming obese. Bulimia is a disorder characterized by an insatiable craving for food, often resulting in episodes of continuous eating followed by periods of depression and self-deprivation.

These two disorders are indicative of young white females, especially college students, and young Hollywood actresses. Anorexia and bulimia appear to be extremes of the same thing, one polarity being a refusal to eat and the other polarity being a great urge or desire to eat.

Many young white girls are conditioned in regards to beauty and feminine shape by dolls, mainly the Barbie Doll. This mental imprint is imprinted in the very first years of life. The Barbie Doll becomes the yardstick of feminine shape, at least for a white woman. The Barbie Doll suggests that a white woman should be very lean and slender or petit with very defined and noticeable breasts. Is it a coincidence that the number one customers over the years for breast implants (“plastic tits”) have been white women?

Metaphysically-speaking, anorexia nervosa denotes denying self and life, or in the words of metaphysician Louise L. Hay, “Self life.” It also denotes extreme fear (of gaining weight), self-hatred and rejection. Amenorrhea is associated with anorexia because the body intelligence will terminate the menstrual cycle in an attempt to prevent unnecessary loss of vital nutrients.

Metaphysically-speaking, bulimia denotes a frantic stuffing and purging of self-hatred and denial. The excessive craving for food denotes a craving for emotions and desires to be fulfilled quickly. This is an attempt to fill a spiritual void. Like Osho said supra, love is nourishment and bulimics are attempting to replace love (self-love) with food. And because these bulimic females don’t really feel they are worthy of love, they deprive themselves of food (symbolic of being deprived of love and also serving as punishment). Depression sets in as a result of the self-guilt, so after guilty comes punishment (deprivation). Clearly these disorders are diseases on the psychological level.

Victims of anorexia and bulimia are usually white females who blindly attempt to conform to the white male patriarchal and misogynistic standard of beauty to the sacrifice of the inner-self (Goddess). Guilt, poor self-image, low self-esteem, and lack of knowledge of the inner-self (Goddess) are the biggest culprits in conditions of anorexia nervosa and bulimia.

Why do so many women suffer from anemia?

Anemia is the result of lack of iron in the blood. Anemia is indicative of African-American females. They require a lot of iron in the blood and body and because they are deficient in natural iron, anemia is the result. Anemia is manifested by a feeling of being cold, dizziness, and/or weakness. American women do not consume the necessary amounts of natural and absorbable iron and the American diet is greatly lacking in iron-rich foods.

A big reason for anemia in women generally or collectively is the menstrual cycle. Women bleed too much and this excess bleeding causes severe loss of iron. When you lose iron and don’t restore iron back into the body, deficiency is the result, that’s why anemia is medically called “iron deficiency anemia.”

Why do so many women suffer from endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a shedding of old uterine lining, which is ectopic growth and function of endometrial tissue. However, this condition is abnormal. Endometriosis is predicated upon uterine atrophy. Why do I say endometriosis is abnormal? Well, if the female uterus sheds, should not the male equivalent of the uterus – the prostate, also shed?

Wearing and walking on high heel shoes is very detrimental to the uterus because every step a woman or girl takes while in heels sends an electrical shock from the metatarsal bones in the feet up the bones in the leg to the pelvis and shocks the uterus, frying it like sausages or fish.

Metaphysically, endometriosis denotes a refusal to shed old hurts and wounds that are stored in the tissues of the uterus; holding on to old wounds and pain regarding sex and/or relationships; repression and/or guilt regarding sex; issues related to receiving, vulnerability, and femininity; and a feeling of not being able to “give birth” to new and creative ideas.

Why do so many women suffer from fatigue?

A lot of women (and people in general) suffer from fatigue. Fatigue is lack of energy. How can you lack energy while simultaneously existing in a sea of energy? Simple! If your energy centers (chakras) are blocked and you have excess energy leakage or drainage, then there you go! You will suffer from lack of energy. The energy is there and all around you, but the problem is in not being able to bring in energy and to conserve that energy. For most women, a lot of energy goes out or is burned up in productivity usually for some job or corporation, but not a lot of energy stay in the body or come into the body.

Also, lack of nutrients (minerals) and oxygen in the diet plays a role in fatigue. I can’t forget about poor blood circulation and constipation of the colon. Women, like everybody else, must learn to open and balance their chakras (energy wheels, vortexes) located in certain areas on the body. Chakra balancing can be done via meditation or crystal-induced meditation. Crystals and gemstones and chromatherapy (color therapy) are the best tools for clearing chakra blockages.

Why do so many women experience difficulty in childbirth?

Many women and girls have an adversity to childbirth. This adversity is usually predicated upon fear, fear of losing one’s shape or figure, fear of a tragedy (something wrong with the baby), fear of not being able to provide for the child, fear of raising the child by one’s self, fear of not being a good mother, fear of the pain that comes with delivering a child, etc.

If women started giving birth in relaxing and friendly environments, a lot of difficulty in birthing would automatically disappear. Home birth is actually the ideal form of delivery. Your home has to be more relaxing and amicable compared to a hospital, a place where people die everyday with no one really giving a damn! After all, hospitals operate for profit! Babies are born in hospitals for one reason – to turn over or “deliver” your child to the state so that the state can regulate this new “dependent.” This is why your baby was born in the “delivery room.”

Why do so many women have UTI and Bladder infections?

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and bladder infections are rampant occurrences in many women and teenage girls today. The urinary system which includes the kidneys and bladder are overwhelmed by excess acidity in the urinary system. This is mainly due to consumption of acidic beverages (soda pop, coffee, hot cocoa, milk, wine, beer, champagne, commercial brand teas, etc.) and meat (dead/slaughtered animal flesh), which breaks down into uric acid which greatly taxes the kidneys and plays a major role in kidney failure.

Metaphysically, UTI and bladder infections/problems relate to the water element which signifies emotions and desires and are associated with issues of control. The emotional causes stem from trying to control or “hold back” emotions or desires that need to be expressed; holding onto old ideas that need to be “eliminated”; a need to let go and “flow” with life; and feeling out of control emotionally, or constantly “pissed off” at someone or something.

Why are so many women depressed?

Depression is simply a “pressing down” of the spirit or life force. Medically, it is defined as: a decrease of vital functional activity, a mood disturbance characterized by feelings of sadness, despair, and discouragement resulting from and normally proportionate to some personal loss or tragedy. Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 3rd edition.

Depressed women usually feel they lack or are without something which creates the feeling of hopelessness. Depression is of a spiritual nature. Depressed women may have toxic livers and impaired gallbladders, which produces black bile instead of green-colored bile which is very alkaline. Black bile is acidic. It is the cause of “melancholy.” In order to live and fully enjoy life you must have a clean liver. In the word “Liver” is the word “Live.”

Impaired (calcified) pineal gland function is also at the root of depression. The pineal gland secretes the hormone “serotonin” which makes us feel good. The pineal gland also corresponds to the Seventh Chakra which pertains to spirituality, inspiration, life force, wholeness, link with the Higher Self; and spiritual enlightenment. Clearly, depressed women have blocked 7th Chakras.

The physical implications of depression are societal in nature. When society starts to wear you down and you feel it, you are being “depressed” or “weighed down.” The burdens of life (in society/the world) become too heavy for you to bear. Now consider this, you have 14.7 pounds of atmospheric pressure per square inch of your body – a lot of weight!

But you don’t or can’t feel this weight because of the balance stemming from your internal flame or “life force” or “spirit.” But when this internal flame or life force begins to dwindle, for the first time, you actually begin to feel the external pressures of life weighing on you, weighing you down, and making you succumb to the detrimental effects of gravityís gravitational pull on your body.

Depressed women lack “inspiration.” Inspiration is the act or process of taking in of “spirit.” When spirit leaves or goes out of the body, this is called “expiration.” So when more spirit is leaving or going out than coming in, this is a warning sign that you will soon “expire” (spiritually and ultimately physically) and when people die in hospitals, what do doctors say happened to them? Doctors will tell you the person “expired.” To expire means to die!

Depressed women don’t breathe or are not truly breathing, and as a result, there’s less oxygen and chi (energy) to the brain. Breathing is necessary for life! Have you ever heard of “the breath of life”? The gospel song “Breathe Into Me Oh Lord” by Fred Hammond (Spirit of David LP) is one of my favorite songs. We need divine energy breathed into us!

Why are so many young women experiencing eclampsia?

Eclampsia is simply toxicity during pregnancy, the gravest form of toxicity. It is predicated upon a toxic liver and too much protein in the body which causes excess protein to be in the urine (proteinuria). Eclampsia simply means the pregnant woman is toxic, but not that toxic to the point where the body intelligence causes spontaneous abortion. The swelling of the feet (edema) during the last trimester of pregnancy is the result of toxic fluid being stored in the feet.

Metaphysically, eclampsia denotes a swelling up of negative (toxic) thoughts and worries in the mind (i.e., past abortions); not being comfortable in “stepping” into new experiences (denoted by swollen feet) as eclampsia usually occurs in first time mothers; lacking the courage to be one’s own true self; not being “grounded”; and holding on to old and stale emotions and ideas.

Why do so many women never experience orgasm or climax?

Many women do not or have never experienced climax or orgasm because they don’t know their Higher Self/inner-self. These women don’t know how to open up and release. They don’t know how to be free in regards to sex and sexuality. These women may have low self-esteem; in most cases, they have been sexually assaulted (raped) and/or abused, usually by some man they knew and/or trusted and therefore have repressed their sexuality.

They may deem sex to be sinful due to religious indoctrination and programming. They may feel they are not supposed to enjoy sex. A lot of religious women do not experience orgasm/climax. These women hold on tightly to the Christian dogma of Eve causing man to sin. These women may be afraid of bodily exploration. They don’t see God/Goddess in the sex act. They may feel that pleasure should be denied. It’s totally psychological and emotional and stress and tension plays a great role in inability to reach climax/orgasm.

Any women who thinks orgasm or climax is dependent upon a man or her sexual partner is a woman who does not truly know herself and is a woman who has given her power away to another. She becomes a dependent. A man is not the cause of an orgasm or climax. He only plays a role in the experience.

Metaphysically, inability to reach climax/orgasm stems from “low” or poor self-image, being too “down” on one’s self, not feeling worthy of pleasure or reward; holding on to old wounds, injuries and hurts in regards to past love and sexual relationships; inability to open up and express one’s self and one’s true and innermost feelings and desires; having no goals, desires, or something to “reach for” in life; and a fear to explore the unknown.

Why do so many women suffer from frigidity?

Actually, inability to reach/experience climax or orgasm can be called “frigidity” and in the medical world or field, it is called “frigidity.” Frigidity is medically defined as: lacking warmth of feeling; unemotional; unimaginative; without passion or ardor and stiff or formal in manner. 2. A woman who is unresponsive to sexual advances or stimuli, abnormally indifferent or averse to sexual intercourse, or unable to have an orgasm during sexual intercourse. Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 3rd ed, pg. 496

So while frigidity has actually been explained supra, I want to add this to the subject matter: the lacking warmth aspect of the definition can apply when a woman does not feel the warmth of love and affection from her man or partner. Passion refers to heat or fever (fire). Many relationships lack passion. This is why in many relationships, hot, passionate, fiery sex takes place after a “heated” argument or discussion. Heat, including a “heated” argument/discussion, causes or creates passion.

Heat/passion is vital in the sex act. Heat causes the blood vessels to dilate which is very important because this enhances circulation to the genitals which need blood flow and oxygen for purposes of girth (penis) and engorgement (vaginal lips).

Why do so many women stay in abusive relationships?

Most women who stay in abusive relationships with abusive men/males suffer from low self-esteem. They also feel dependent on these men too. Their self-image may also be poor or low. Many may have been told that they are unattractive and that no other man will want them. The tragedy in this is that in many cases, the victimized women/female believes this and to her own detriment.

Many women may have children from this abusive relationship and may want to stay in the relationship and try to make it work for the sake of the children. But this is not being true to one’s Higher Self. No one can be happy or truly happy who lives a lie or upon a falsehood. All lies are limited in scope and nature whereas truth is unlimited.

Personally, I’d rather be separated from my children and happy (truthful) than to be in a relationship with their mother and them (children) on the scene and miserable as hell. Children can see and pick up on things. Children don’t make a marriage, love and commitment do! As Ziggy Marley sings in a song: “Got to be true to myself!” As long as you get to see and spend time with your children in order to positively impact them, you can keep your children healthy and balanced predicated upon happiness and truth. But please remember, this is the exception and not the rule. The goal is to establish healthy and solid relationships and families. However, we do live in the age of family dysfunctionality predicated upon broken marriages.

It’s easy for a woman who denies her Higher-Self (Goddess) to stay in an abusive relationship. No woman who loves and respects herself stays in an abusive relationship and willfully takes abuse. You don’t get abuse from love.

Women have to start asking questions in order to arrive at answers (truth). What is my intent or intentions for being with this person? Am I happy with this person? Am I free to grow and evolve in this union or relationship with this person? Has my life improved with this person? Is this union productive and healthy? Do I really or truly love this person?

It is unwise for a woman to stay in an abusive relationship with a man/male who refuses to get help. If you want to grow and your mate doesn’t, how are you going to be “equally yoked”?

My advice to women is to just be truthful with your self. You cannot go wrong with the truth or being truthful. Honesty is the best policy!

True freedom and happiness comes from truth! Be truthful and remember: truth starts with self, being truthful to your self. You can’t have love without truth. The opposite of truth is a lie or falsehood and love is never predicated upon a lie or falsehood. You can’t be truthful to another without first being able to be truthful with your self.

Metaphysically, women who subconsciously feel the need to be punished for past life’s decisions; or who project a state of being a “victim” into their consciousness, usually attract abusive men/males into their life to serve as victimizers. Every victim needs a victimizer!

Why do many women suffer from lack of self-esteem?

Women suffer from lack of or low self-esteem because they are ignorant to their Higher-Self and their real purpose on Earth. Self-esteem means “confidence” and “self-respect” and how can you respect self when you don’t know self? Confidence results from trust, faith, and assurance and these things are predicated upon having knowledge – a knowledge of self and Higher-Self (God), the Universe, Mother Nature, etc.

But you see, what are most women hung up on and blindly pursuing? The external and superficial! Most American women are very vain, superficial, and frivolous today. Most profess God or a belief in God but study them closely – the material world is their God. Many use God as an opiate when they are down. Many “talk” God, but just watch them closely, they “live” MAN, mainly the white man. This is true! Why do you think they are so diseased and sick today? From obeying God and Natural/Divine law? Hell No! From following man and what man allows them to do. You canít get sickness and disease from obeying God or Natural/Divine law. If God and fear cannot co-exist, then how can God and sickness/disease co-exist?

In conclusion, women – STOP talking that “equal” or “equality” talk! You can NEVER be equal to men/males and men/males can NEVER be equal to you. You have differences (uniqueness) in certain areas that make you superior to men/male in these certain areas and likewise with men/males, we have differences (uniqueness) in certain areas that make us superior to you in these certain areas. But our differences and unique-ness are to be COMPLIMENTED. This means we bring them together in one union and we glorify one another. Our differences allow us to compensate what we lack due to gender. Yin and Yang makes up the unit.

Don’t fall for the European male-minded and created “Battle of the Sexes.” Battle means war and we are not at war with one another. We are dependent upon one another. You see, in war there’s a winner and a loser.

Battle of the sexes equates to divide and conquer.

Feminism, women’s lib movement talk and activity, and lesbianism are dangerous. They are diseases just like misogyny, gynophobia, and patriarchy. They are the polarity of the extreme of misogyny, gynophobia, andro-homosexuality, and patriarchy which means they are the same exact things only differing in degrees.

These things are actually psychosis. Many females consciously or unconsciously hate men/males and many of them have their reason(s). But when you see these anti-male females dressing up like men (wearing suits and ties, denim jean outfits, male dress shoes, army clothes, etc.), walking and behaving like men, wanting to do what men/males do, you are witnessing sickness and psychosis. How can these types of females justify dressing up and becoming the thing they allegedly hate or despise? This is a sickness! If you dislike men/males, why would you want to imitate or emulate them? Why would you want to dress like them? Why would you want to do what they do?

The quest for equality has made fools out of women/females. There are women out there who have told me that they don’t need a man. I asked these injured females two questions: “Do you ovulate”?, and, “For what reason”? Every function in and on your body has a personal function and a woman ovulates for purposes of procreation or reproduction and ovulation is dependent upon ejaculation (sperm) from a MAN! So how in the hell can a woman be independent of a man?

Do not let certain men/males with a hidden agenda make you foolishly go against the immutable laws of gender. Yes, there is a law of gender that regulates and protects the integrity of the sexual and reproductive system and its organs and glands. Women, there is life under the law.

Thank you for reading this mini-book though called an article. I am NOT a woman’s specialist, therapist, advocate, or anything else. I am simply a man who over-stands the feminine essence, principle, and energy and who acknowledges and respects it, and because I do, wisdom, feminine wisdom, is diffused through and from me though I am a male.

I recognize that I have a feminine side and a masculine side. I do not isolate and ostracize one from the other which would be unwise as this would create instability. Instability means a thing is unstable and an unstable thing is imbalanced, hence, dis-eased.

No female specialist, feminist, women’s lib advocate, etc. can or will ever defeat my sound knowledge – NEVER! Why? Because my base or foundation is Universal/Divine Law! No polarized thing is stable. A polarized thing is extremism and extremism is poison. Because feminism, lesbianism, women’s lib advocacy are polarized (extremism), they’re poisonous and therefore dangerous, just like patriarchy, misogyny, homosexuality, and gynophobia.

I am a student of Eastern philosophy – The Tao (Taoism), Tantra, Buddhism, Zen, Afrikan Wholistic Health and Living, kemetology (Egyptology), TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Ayurveda, Hermeticism (metaphysics). However, I am balanced due to my knowledge and experiences in Western philosophy and Western religion (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), Western medicine, and just Western ways of living (which is really “dying”).

I do not believe in or subscribe to the superiority of women/females over men/males or men/males over women/females. I simply see the bigger or larger picture. I see and over and inner-stand our true existence – “Light Beings.”

I love women! I am here in the flesh because of a woman. I will live beyond my flesh because of a woman. I acknowledge, love, honor, and respect women and females. They are one half of me and I must know that other half of myself to completely and totally know myself.


– Djehuty Ma’at-Ra