This is the exact sentiments of a few people who perform our 3-week Anti-Viral Cleanse and Regimen and while during the regimen or shortly thereafter, they experience healing in the form of a blister, lesion, or outbreak; but due to being ignorant and hoping for a linear Hail Mary cure and healing with our product, they RE-ACT like their whole world just came to an end.

I say again, a herpes outbreak is nothing but HEALING! You see, the difficulty in getting this across to some people lies in people expecting to perform our cleanse for 3-weeks and to never have an outbreak ever again. It doesn’t work like this! Healing takes place in all shapes, fashions, and forms. The human body is very innovative in how it releases things from the body.

Some people think the kit or cleansing has failed them because they notice an outbreak on their body somewhere near the end of the cleanse or shortly after performing the cleanse and they automatically equate an OUTBREAK with genital herpes (still being on the scene) instead of healing (body purifying from genital herpes). This is to their folly though!

You see, deep down in the psyche of many people, they still embrace the erroneous and fallacious notion or concept that genital herpes is incurable, which is only true in allopathic medicine, also known as Western medicine. What you believe to be true is actually true – TO YOU! If you believe in genital herpes, you can and will contract it. It’s the Universal Law of Attraction in effect here. You can’t have herpes unless you believe in herpes and embrace it and have herpetic-based thoughts. When you emit the frequency of having herpes, you will never cleanse your human temple of it. Never! You have to believe and know and feel like herpes is 100% curable. Only then can and will you heal from the skin and blood disorder.

Nothing is curable in Western medicine because with Western medicine it’s like rappers Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg said: “Ain’t Nothing But a G Thing.” Western medicine is into straight pimpin’ all hoes (customers/patients) that walk through hospital doors. If you walk through the front doors of a hospital, you are most definitely, in the words of rapper/actor, Ice Cube, going to get “f**ked with no Vaseline! That’s just hospital policy!

For all the people that are in the process of cleansing and healing (on all levels) from genital herpes or even HPV (human papilloma virus) and notice outbreaks (blisters, bumps, lesions, etc.), please stop RE-ACTING hysterically and with a weakened and defeated mindset and attitude. A defeatist attitude will sabotage your healing process – GUARANTEED!

You didn’t get herpes overnight, you know. You have been creating genital herpes in your life for years via your thoughts, attitude, diet, lifestyle, and environment and after a while, the right delivery person came into your life and delivered to you what you were asking for, though perhaps unconsciously, or even what you needed to jumpstart your spiritual path walk.

You needed to contract genital herpes as strange as this may sound. For many people, it was the only thing to grab their attention and make them take notice of themselves, especially their lifestyle and sexual belief system and practices or orientation (which most people are not grounded in, confident in, at peace with, and/or proud of). Many people become spiritually inclined or minded only after contracting genital herpes or some other insidious disease. More good comes out of genital herpes than you may know or think. Genital herpes is a wake up call to get your house (“life”) in order. There’s a whole big world out there waiting for you. You haven’t even started living yet.

So what you experience an outbreak! No big deal! Look at the word – OUTBREAK! What does it say backwards? BREAK OUT! Those creepy critters in your body are attempting to “break out” of your body via your skin because your defender cells are lighting fire to their backside, and for your benefit. The house (body) is being cleansed and purified! Give thanks for this action!

Stop acting like a damn weakling and drama queen, and pull yourself together! You are still healing and probably will be for a while. Do not call us or e-mail us about outbreaks. You waste our time with this (not that we don’t value you as a customer), but we make it plain (and very simple) at this company on what disease truly or really is and what the so-called “healing crisis” is and we break things down on multiple levels, i.e. emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically; and not only that, we give you the necessary information you need on how to properly heal from any and all disease by way of so many FREE articles here.

Stop equating an outbreak with failure during your cleanse! Stop depending on products as your salvation! We make it plain and clear that in order to test “negative” for genital herpes during our cleanse, there are a few things you must do in addition to taking the herbs. Make some time to read as many of these FREE articles as possible. The more you read on your own, the less you will have to call us or e-mail us an inquiry. Most of the information you need or require is already here on the site. Just take the time to read!

The people who are getting the quick and fast results with our Anti-Viral Cleanse and Regimen are simply putting in the necessary work (on all levels) to test “negative” for genital herpes or HPV, and you can too!

And so what if your first re-testing by a doctor comes back still “positive.” Take this as a sign that you didn’t do something right or cover all bases the first time around. Maybe you didn’t detox first. Maybe your thoughts were not conducive to healing. Maybe you doubted the fact that herpes is curable and healable. Perhaps you slipped up on the diet. There’s always a reason!

So relax! Chill out! Everything is fine! Everything is okay! Always has been and will be, especially if you believe so.

Your cleansing was not a failure! It was not in vain! It was merely a first step. Keep stepping on the path of healing! Keep the faith alive! Keep hope! Keep believing! Stay positive! Healing is yours simply for the asking (predicated upon desire)! Just keep performing the Full Body Detox followed by the Anti-Viral Cleanse and Regimen and working on your thoughts, attitude, diet, lifestyle, and environment. Just don’t give up! Keep charging ahead!

See any and all outbreaks as something working on your behalf and benefit. Know that your body is working for you, to help make you whole again.

Stop RE-ACTING! Learn to RE-SPOND! It makes a big difference!

Thank you for reading!